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(Scullery)--W/ref to CH203.1002 discussion on Great Depression and "I Want You Women Up North to Know," students examined clothing tags for origin of item. Results by far proved Guatemala or Bangladesh. Following posts related to recent unrest over wage s in Bangladesh:


RAW SUBJ: TO CORE HUMANITIES, BREAKDOWN OF THE LABOR FORCE (Scullery)-- Greater insight into the nature of the industry will shed more light on the grivances at the root of the popular unrest: DIFE RMG Sector database Clashes in Savar and Gazipur leave over 50 people injured Despite government assurance of meeting their demands regarding the pay structure, workers of numerous readymade garment (RMG) factories in Dhaka city, Savar, Ashulia and Gazipur abstained from work, demonstrated by blockading roads and clashed with police on Wednesday for the fourth consecutive day.

RMG101--#Bangladesh Textile Industry Crisis-- I WANT YOU WOMEN UP NORTH TO KNOW

CORE HUMANITIES 203.1001 Dr S Pasqualina, University of Nevada, Reno Fall 2018 (Scullery)-- Beyond the cozy, inviting atmospheres of suburban malls across America, far away on the other side of the globe, there is a grass roots rebellion in the making at the source of all those trendy hip clothes the shoppers are buying.





Monday, December 31, 2018

ESSAY: Failed State & The New Reformation--#MAGA #SHUTDOWN POLITICS, 2019



     (The Scullery)--Beyond the rhetoric, the insinuations and the failed state syndrome, the view from higher ground is one of renewed confidence in the process of democracy. There is something greater going on above the dysfunction and low-brow clamor on a daily basis from furloughed congressmen and women, disgruntled news media pundits attempting to relate everything to Watergate, and pollsters squeezing out impeachment statistics wherever they can.
     By definition, "reformation," according to Collins, means "the act or an instance of reforming or the state of being reformed."

Along with a definition, Collins offers a usage graph illustrating the most common reference of the word to the Protestant Reformation, capitalized, of the 16th century. Clearly, the word has lost its meaning since then and appears to have very little meaning today. However, on the horizon is a new movement that has yet to be properly evaluated as it isn't related to religion, but to politics and in particular, politics in the United States. If we were to define the roots of this new movement, which for the sake of clarity we define as "#MAGA," it has as its origin not in America, but in Iraq.
     To be more accurate, mainstream media is just now beginning to understand the nature of the cold-blooded killer caliphate known by its acronym, ISIS, and the mistake made by the previous administration in removing all American soldiers from the Middle East, paving the way for the march of ISIS. The result was yet another entry into the muddled quagmire that is Middle East politics; from the self-interest of Israel, to the dark regime of Syria, the "other" caliphate of Iran and the on-again, off-again NATO partner Turkey.  On the sidelines but with just as much influence in the neighborhood is the Western ally, oil-based Saudi Arabia. All of these players are what Rand Paul (R-KY) referred to in CBS' Face the Nation recently as "can they not do anything?" But the caliphate was only a small fraction of the issues facing the Commander-in-Chief when he assumed office, Afghanistan was the other foreign policy quagmire. At the time it was on the back burner as the main course was cooking on the front of the stove, the fight for the wall along the border between Mexico and the United States. In time, the Middle East would indeed surface to become part of the New Reformation.
     New Year's Eve, 2018 and a resolution for border wall funding has become the cornerstone of The New Reformation with the US government deadlocked and in a shutdown mode over the issue. The President has promised delivery of the wall to the nation but opposition in Congress has fought him every inch of the way on the hundreds of miles of wall slated for construction. Even though Iraq may have been a more difficult agenda to complete, specifically, withdrawal from it and Afghanistan as well, it was the border wall that created the climate for the New Reformation. The political revolution in American politics was long overdue and postponed by the previous administration as it just didn't have enough resolve, for that matter, political savvy and philosophy, to address the issues. It was all about affordable health care, an agenda that was recently dismantled by a Texas judge as non-enforceable, part of the previous "failed state" syndrome.
     No revolutionary movement is complete without a set of grievances and demands, as witnessed from the religious Reformation to the Declaration of Independence. Can we assume the combined action of the border wall shutdown along with the recent orders to withdraw from foreign wars of occupation represents at least a beginning in long overdue "reforms" in the way politics function in Washington, DC? According to the media, impeachment isn't good enough for the President. In fact, add the hostility of the press toward the administration as another product of The New Reformation. Daily, the media attacks with everything it has; polls, opinions, condemnations, harassment at press briefings, attempting to topple the regime. None of it works, the President isn't queer for the media, unlike his predecessor.
     Impasse looms into the New Year, the view from the high ground is that something bigger is going on, rooted in frustration from decades of mismanaged government policies that are legislated only to be dismantled. Finally, Congress will have to decide on the course of action for the nation, with firm resolve or with impotence. The President has been a one-man show ever since he took the oath of office; his loyalty to #MAGA is remarkable, not just campaign demagoguery, but conviction. If he succeeds, there will be a New Reformation, politics will not be as-usual, and he will reaffirm the belief that one man can make a difference.


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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

#GOREFUNDME --"A Sucker Born Every Minute"---GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH--


     (The Scullery) The heartwarming story of the down-and-out war vet handing over his last Jackson for the damsel in distress turned out to be a heartless nightmare after all, with the culprits under arrest for fraud and the online fundraiser out $400K back to 1400 donors. Two things learned from this caper: don't broadcast it on the internet to your pals as a scam and don't show up a month later in a Beemer with a tank full of gas.  Now the news gets the last laugh as ABC comes up with a new spin on the crime in its morning headline, GoRefundMe: 1,400 donors to alleged hoax fundraising campaign made whole:
     "The scam first warmed, then broke the hearts of thousands of Americans before it was exposed as an alleged fraud last month.
'All donors who contributed to this GoFundMe campaign have been fully refunded,; company spokesman Bobby Whithorne said in a statement. 'GoFundMe always fully protects donors, which is why we have a comprehensive refund policy in place.; ' "
     This is the same ABC who put these shysters on their show following the girl's "that's when I met Johnny."
     "I just got her gas to help her get back on her way,” he claimed at the time. “I didn't think anything about it. I wasn't expecting anything in return," he told "Good Morning America." "That's how I got the money to start with -- from other people. [I had to] return the favor. I can't constantly take and not give back."
Obviously it didn't bother Johnny to swindle honest caring citizens who thanked him for his service by forking over nearly a half-million greenbacks in this near-perfect crime  Another event in the downfall was there just wasn't enough honor among the thieves to take the money and run, with the girl driving the getaway car. As for GoFundMe spokesman, he needs to mention that they are sending the bill for the swindle to ABC for promoting the crooks on the morning show.
     Enough said about the crooks, what about the victims? Have they learned to check their sources more closely. Recently, GoFundMe has proffered a new policy demanding the online swindlers to be more forthcoming about their cause, legit or not. Emails warn of serious fraud consequences but that doesn't seem to stop the myriads of scammers out to make a buck without having to work for it. After all, this is America and, in the words of one of the greatest showmen of all, PT Barnum:

              "There's a sucker born every minute."

     BTW, now the claim is Barnum never did say it...

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