Friday, July 19, 2019

EOC400.3001--The Internet as an Existential Invasive Species--A QUANTUM LEAP INTO THE 22ND CENTURY

J. L'Angelle
Univ of Nevada, Reno
Fall 2019

     This week America has witnessed divisions over politics, race, nationality, gender, and equality not seen since the years prior to the outbreak of World War Two and the culprit behind it all? Politicians? Possibly but  deeper into the hatred is what fuels it, the Internet. Parallels to the leadup to the Second World War are many most of which revolve around race and nationality. To make a blanket statement that race itself was the root cause of the war may or may not be an oversimplification, but it certainly, from today's perspective, might be given some credence.  That's not the issue, the issue is the greatest threat to human to come out of the last century, the Internet.

     Its value cannot be overstressed, it has connected the globe in countless ways, but it has also been subverted for use by demagogues and no more obvious than the chain of events leading up to the recent Congressional resolution aimed directly at the President in his shameful attacks on new liberal Congresswomen. However, there is something else that needs to be pointed out, the recent report by a rather dubious internet entity known as "Propublica." It's so-called expose of a Facebook group tagged "secret," although there is no direct evidence there are secret groups on the social media platform other than groups requiring permission to join, is a case in point.
     There were hearings on Wednesday where an exchange between  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Homeland Security rep Kevin McAleenan regarding the group involved certain disgusting posts were discussed;

     " 'Did you see the posts planning physical harm to myself and Congresswoman Escobar?' Ocasio-'Cortez asked McAleenan. 'Yes,' he answered. 'And I directed an investigation within reading the article.' 'Did you see the images of officers circulating photoshop images of my violent rape?' Ocasio-Cortez continued. 'Yes I did,' McAleenan responded. " (Christal Hayes, USA Today)
The fact that the Propublica article at the center of the investigation has yet to be verified just isn't that important if it can be used to further the agenda of the internet as an existential invasive species, since truth is not relevant. (EOC)
     At the heart of just such a divisive issue is not the veracity of the article, but the ignorance of those who take the article at face value without waiting for verification, using it for political cannon fodder wherever it suits an agenda. That's what the internet, and social media in particular has become. Duped by this existentially destructive tool, the human race finds itself no longer in the 21st century, but thrust into the next, through its own ignorance of culture, a lack of regard for history, a disingenuous concern for others, and a superficial understanding of how the human race overall has become obsolete. Taking credit for this irreversible course of self-destruction is the misuse of a simple online platform, social media.
     At every turn of the hashtag ignorance surfaces; of lessons learned in higher education  just as quickly forgotten or ignored, of prejudicial booby traps in every tweet and countertweet, defensive and hostile in nature and targeting the equally ignorant. Civilization has been doomed by its own rapid advance into a universe, a cyberspace full of tunnel-vision and selfish disregard for its own intellectual advance in the face of ignorance.
     The bottom line may well be nothing more complicated than advertising, if the lie sells ads quicker than the truth, print the lie. If the lie can be splashed across the globe with the newest invasive species, the internet, then flood the world with unsubstantiated lies. Social media guarantees the survival of the internet beyond the obsolete 21st century, and mankind itself for that matter.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019

CH212.3001--"America for Americans" 1935--DEMOCRATS HAWK DEPORTATION OF FOREIGNERS

Univ of Nevada, Reno
Summer 2019

HR4860, The Dies Committee, RR Reynolds, et al.

      Republican rhetoric isn't the only place where "go back to your own country," language can be found. In radio broadcasts and subcommittee hearings (HR4860) as far back as 1935-40, Democrats such as JJ Dempsey from New Mexico voiced similar ideology;
     "I do not care whether a man is a Communist or a Nazi or a Fascist, if he is not satisfied with our form of government and wants to substitute the form of government of his own country, he should return to his own country and not bother us."  (Dempsey, Gov Printing Office)
Sentiment ran high for deportation as rising tides of revolution and war swept across Europe and Russia with Hitler and Stalin coming to power.
     But Dempsey wasn't the only Democrat with a desire to run everyone out of the United States who wasn't American. In his radio address to the nation titled "America for Americans" delivered in May of 1935, Congressman Martin Dies (D-TX) was even more explicit on determination to run foreigners out of the United States;

     "But you ask, and properly so, what are we going to do about it? I agree with you that there is nothing we can do so long as our policy is dominated by sentimentality, fatuous internationalism, industrial greed, and alien political influence. So long as we permit America to be made the asylum for the peoples of other lands and the dumping ground for Europe and so long as politicians fear the vote and influence of alien groups and blocs in the great cities, there is nothing that we can do." (Dies, DNA Learning Ctr)
Taking it one step further, Rep. Dies pegs the kidnapping of the Lindbergh child by foreigner Bruno Hauptmann to lax immigration policy (Detroit Free Press) Demonization of foreigners as a disruptive force in the American way of life appears to have champions on both sides of the aisle in the halls of Congress.
     Further hyping the anti-foreigner agenda in the period that led to the outbreak of World War Two was Senator RR Reynolds of North Carolina, one of Roosevelts New Deal Democrats. In keeping with a states rights perspective, many of his ideas and legislative efforts were directed at making North Carolina great again;
     "His anti-communism notwithstanding, Reynolds supported Roosevelt’s recognition of the Soviet Union so that the communist nation might buy North Carolina goods.  A staunch unilateralist, he opposed U. S. adherence to the World Court, for he considered it a tactic to enter the failed League of Nations.  During his senatorial career, Reynolds advocated strict limits on immigration, the registration of all aliens, and the deportation of alien criminals.  In particular, the nativist Reynolds deemed most aliens as a threat to American security, values, and jobs, so he co-authored the Reynolds-Starnes Bill (1936) that called for cutting immigration quotas by 90%." (North Carolina History)
Rather naïve when it came to Nazi deception and scheming, his reported anti-Semitic stance was used to their advantage at his expense, but the image damage was done, possibly due to his allegiance first to North Carolina.
     Yet another attempt to exploit anti-foreigner sentiment originated in the (Martin) Dies Committee and the effort to expel Australian born Harry Bridges of the west coast Longshoreman's Union and subsequent attempt to impeach the Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins. (JSTOR)
     At the HR4860 hearings in 1935, John Thomas Taylor of the American Legion had this to say about bigotry;
     "Resolved, That we urge national legislation that will punish American citizens who advocate the overthrow of our Government by force, fraud, or violence, or seek to promote race or religious prejudice, and deport all aliens who do like- wise. " (HR4860)
The sentiment to condemn anybody in the United States who chose to promote hatred on cultural grounds was clearly in the minds of veterans before the outbreak of the Second World War.
     Singling out a particular representative of the government, whether it be the president or members of Congress is nothing more than a political move to create partisanship amid catcalling and name tagging such as "racist," and "bigot." From the official record, Democrats have just as many guilty in their political party as do Republicans. Now is not the time to create an even greater cultural fissure of ideology but to offer remedies to the difficult issues surrounding foreigners and immigrants.

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Dies Committee photo, Pictured as the final hearing closed are, left to right, seated: Rep. Harold G. Mosier, Ohio-Chairman Martin Dies. and Rep. J. Parnell Thomas of New Jersey. Standing, left to right: Rep. John J. Dempsey of New Mexico; Ree. Stripling, Secretary to the committee, and John Metcalf, Chief Investigator, 12/18/38 (Wikimedia)