Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Maybe he just doesn't get it or the reading is too thick,
Or the freshman on the floor is  playing a trick
But the one thing lacking from that Green New Deal resolution
Is convolution

Written and proposed by Congresswoman Ocasio
The Green New Deal reads like a manifesto.
What the President just doesn't quite understand
It's not a request but a demand

For the frontline and vulnerable communities
With no clean water and left outside to freeze
She dots all the "i's" and crosses all the "t's"
As she spells out future opportunities

The President gets on another Twitter tirade
Like a grand marshal in a beauty queen parade.
To his followers where he's always played
To those who never made it out of ninth grade.

Granpa in the White House is just too old
To embrace such an idea so bold.
He writes the manifesto off as high school,
In the process making himself look like just another fool.

She's been called a coffee shop barista,
By those taking a permanent siesta
But she's the face of a new generation
In Congress to lead the American nation.


by JC L'Angelle (C) 2019 Eyeless on Campus

Thursday, February 7, 2019

#GREENNEWDEAL--Speaker Pelosi or Bela Lugosi---POETRY BY J. L'ANGELLE (C) 2019 EOC

Don't expect applause from Speaker Pelosi
Like asking for blood from Bela Lugosi

Does anyone even know what it's all about,
By the freshman representative in her newest shout-out?
With a radical climate change reform bill
With a Twitter hashtag #greennewdeal.

If she thought she was going to get anywhere with Nancy Pelosi,
She might as well have been talking to Bela Lugosi.
Who by the time she was done was seeing red
As the quest for green had risen from the dead.

Who is this upstart with the hyphenated name?
Out to get fifteen minutes of fame
At the Speaker of the House's expense,
Who's tagged the #greennewdeal as nonsense.

It's not even a trending hashtag,
Brushed aside by Lugosi in drag,
Who's just too old to be for real
When confronted with a #greennewdeal.

You have to give the new girl some space
As she's out to save the human race
From all the old bats on Capitol Hill
Too old to legislate the simplest bill.

So is the #greennewdeal a D.O.A?
Will it even last until yesterday?
Don't expect applause from Speaker Pelosi
Like asking for blood from Bela Lugosi

(c) 2019 by James C. L'Angelle
for Core Humanities..