Thursday, July 21, 2016

LOOSE CANNON-- By JC Langelle--(c) 1990

Loose Cannon

The troops are all lined up and waiting for their pay,
the Corporal-of-the-Guard has been sleeping all day.
There's a loose cannon in the camp across the way,
incoming shells land and explode where they may.

Combat machine gunners have a short life span,
a job like that can make a boy forget he's a man.
Soldiers dig foxholes into the desert sand,
as a loose cannon sprays shells across the land.

They hit the trenches quickly when an incoming round
whistles overhead and slams into the ground.
Sending dirt, rocks and stone and people Heaven bound;
shouts of "INCOMING!" are a familiar sound.

A fusillade of shells is a terrifying sight;
will make a brave man wonder if he indeed can fight.
On his mind constantly the slogan "Might Makes Right"
as a loose cannon sprays shells into the night.

There's a loose cannon in the camp across the way,
but the cook doesn't care it's just another day.
Someone's got to peel the spuds and put them on a tray
so he can feed the troops and send them on their way.

As the corpsman counts the bandages he's holding in his hand,
the soldiers are determined to make a solid stand.
And spinning his baton, the leader strikes up the band
as a loose cannon sprays shells across the land.

I HEARD IT ON THE WIRELESS--By JC Langelle--(c) 1990

I Heard it On the Wireless--

Sunrise at the oasis and the General sipped his gin;
The troops out on the guardpost all decided to sleep in.
"I heard it on the wireless!" a corporal shouted loud,
"The enemy's a coming, attacking in a crowd!"

The General ran from his tent sloshing an icy drink,
"Man the guns!", he ordered,
"And lock and load, I think!"
The Officer-on-Duty ran over in a flash,
To a burning helicopter that made an awful crash.

"I seen 'em all," the pilot yelled, bleeding from the wreck.
"There's a hunred-thousand guys and they're all from Iraq.
They'll be here any minute chargin' over the sand dune,
If you stay around you gotta be crazy as a loon!"

"Captain!" the General shouted with gin still on his breath,
"Don't tell the men a thing, it might scare them to death.
I heard it on the wireless, re-enforcements are due,
Egyptians, Syrians and the Foreign Legion too!"

All of a sudden and it really happened quick,
Came a hundred thousand Arabs into the battle thick.
Riflemen opened fire on the swelling ranks,
If anyone survived, to Allah they gave thanks.