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Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves shout "OPEN SESAME!", ride out of the cave and beat up on their little brothers next door. Under the pretext that Kuwait is stealing oil from them, Hussein finds an excuse to continue to spread his special brand of terror around the Mideast. Having failed to win a victory against the formidable foe Iran, the Iraqis have found someone they can push around after all. Ali Baba's Panzer divisions storm the tiny country reminiscent of another mean guy with a mustache who also used naked aggression earlier in this century.
America, fortunately, quit playing "cops of the world" a long time ago and in spite of Kuwait's pleas for help, will stay out of the fight. Let the Arabs work it out, it's high time they climbed off their camels and buried their scimitars in the desert sand. Reaction on Wall Street is predictable as stocks fall but for once, the United States can lead the world in peace and not in war; be civilized, not barbarian, and continue to con- centrate its energy on climbing out of the budget deficit caldera which even a few months ago, the politicians wouldn't dare to mention on Capitol Hill. A little bit of faith in the American system right now might go a long way in helping to solve the budget crunch and its partner incrime, the S&L crisis. Let Hussein have his day,let him answer to the Arab League for his brazen and stupid imperialist folly--

from ROAD TO BAGHDAD, 8/2/90--
The United States has a few warships steam to the rescue, that's about all they can do, is STEAM. In the words of the professor in the United Airlines commercial, "How can Mr. (George) Bush's three ship task force stay on top of his far- flung enterprises?" Everyone knew it was going to happen, the Baghdad badguys mustered every troop from Sinbad to the Forty Thieves and demanded of Kuwait, "OPEN SESAME!" The world stood by and watched it happen. In Washington, the Chief and his braves make much smoke about pregnant squaws and have no meat in teepee because their spears and arrows are dull. All the news can do is "cover" it; news for the news agencies. It's not just another story, it's a clear act of aggression that theUnited States,as the rest of the world, is IMPOTENT to do anything about. The Baghdad badguys thumbing their noses at civilization. Steaming a few warships there is a useless and embarrassing show of American IMPOTENCE. How are we going to fight a hundred-thousand troops, battle hardened from a recent war with Iran, from offshore with a few tin-cans?
Looks like the United States is finally going to have to wake up and face the hag with no makeup it dragged home from the bar the night before; and the news can quit showing a dumb IMPOTENT map of the capital of the country. The laughing stock of the world, the USA; its banking system corrupt and broke, white-collar criminals running loose all over the place, its budget deficit of Neptunian porportions. We (America) would have done better ourselves to invade Kuwait. What happens when the American people, faced with giant oil spills on a monthly basis, are now forced to pay $1.50 a gallon and more at the pump? Come on, morning hosts and hostesses, talk it up; let's hear the five minutes alloted for the invasion then move on to more important issues like PREGNANT SQUAWS! And, the stock market might tumble if investors find the Chief has a papoose instead of a tomahawk under his blanket.

from: ROAD TO BAGHDAD, 8/6/90--
The DJIA lost less than ten points today, appeared the market was beginning to stabilize. Was that before or after the Far Flung administration announced the dispatch of jets and troops to the sands of Saudi Arabia? Maybe the chiefs and their medicine men make war smoke over nothing and in the meantime the traders return to selling beads, baubles and buffalo hides. As expected, the network Tokyo Rose pom-pom girls continue to hype American propoganda to a public already used to baloney after Vietnam, Watergate, the 1972 OPEC oil crisis, the Iranian hostage ordeal, twenty years of overt Republicanism in the US, neo-Puritanism, adults going through post-adolescent virginity and now Operation Far Flung, --
like in a high-school fight behind the football field bleachers; Uncle Sam is trying to get everyone on his side. Russia has oil, why not buy from them? What about the North Sea? US consumers may now have to face the stark reality the rest of the world has had to for years, the prospect of paying three dollars a gallon for gas. Strongman Hussein filled a vacuum left by Strongman Uncle Sam who by force, ever presence of warships in the Gulf and political pressure on far flung capitals, both in mileage and ideology, from Cairo to Riyadh, has kept oil dirt cheap for years. Sooner or later, a valuable commodity always assumes its fair market price and that is what has happened. Instead of Arabs giving away oil to the US, they now sell it.--
Though Riyadh might be an attractive objective for the Iraqihoe's far flung ambitions, Bahrain is far more valuable and easier to access.Beside the richness in oil that exists there,a virtual conglomeration of world banks with untold numbers of records, accounts, names and addresses make it easy for Hussein to take the world "computer hostage".Look for the smokescreen attack on Riyadh but don't fully commit, get warships in position around Bahrain and the Emirates.

from: ROAD TO BAGHDAD, 8/13/90--
Ideology was the topic of discussion on CBS This Morning's 8:25 cutaway with Mideast sharpshooter Ajami. It might be difficult for non-Americans to understand what goes on in the mind of citizens of this country but thefacts are plain and simple. Most nations throughout the world are uniracial, like the Chinese, the Africans and especially the Arabs. Their thinking is along the same line and there is also very little religious differentiation. In the United States, the situation is quite the opposite. It's ideology lies in the fact that the key to survival is adaptation, having the ability, like an artist, to exist seeing two opposite points of view and in the US, a multiplicity of points of view. The US doesn't have border disputes with its neighbors; Mexico doesn't invade to reclaim Texas and Canada doesn't attack over land lost in the French and Indian War. Ideology comes easy from one nation under Allah (and Hussein) but what about one nation under Yaweh, Krishna, Mohammed and Christ? From the wellspring of religious different- iation comes political diversity, and freedom.
from: The New York NEMESIS, 8/13/90--
American soldiers who have invaded the Arabian Peninsula and now occupy the capital city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia... Lay down your weapons and surrender, you are facing the Imperial Iraqi Army's forces of one million men supported by thousands of tanks, hundreds of planes all under the command of Allah's image in the flesh, Saddam Hussein, Ruler of Iraq and spokesperson for the new Arab world. Iran was the first to feel the might of our invincible forces, followed by the exploitative and oppressive Kuwaiti regime, which is now but a faded memory. King Hussein of Jordan is our staunch new ally, Egypt is making a feeble attempt to rally our blood brothers against us but they will fail.They all will eventually back away from the adventurous folly the Americans have foolishly embarked on. No one else, aside from the British and a few of its historical lackeys, has offered anything more than token lip-service to the so-called "Operation Desert Shield." American soldiers, lay down your weapons and surrender, avoid useless bloodshed, join the Imperial Iraqi Army, be a part of history in the making, the prayers of Allah are with you.
from: ROAD TO BAGHDAD, 8/23/90--
Pipelines extend across the breadth of Syria leading out from the northernmost corner of Iraq; thus it would be im- possible to tell if oil pumped into the Syrian port of Tartus was Iraqi or Syrian oil. American forces are now concentrated down on the southern extremity of the Arabian Peninsula, leaving Turkey wide open for an attack by neighbors Syria and Iraq to the south and Russia to the north. The final pincer separating Turkey from any other friendly nation is control of Azerbaijan which in recent months has had a large Russian armored presence. Advantage?
Russia would finally have a warm water port through Turkey, technology supplied by Iraq to develop their Baku fields and access to several major pipeline arteries through Turkey and Syria to get their oil to the Mediterranean Sea. The Baath Socialist Party also controls Syria. If Assad has pledged troops to the western forces, don't believe it. With all the combat forces concentrated to the south, the main engagement can thus be carried out in the north. Be aware of any large Russian airlift operations out of Baghdad under the guise of removing "nationals", they just might be crack Iraqi soldiers looking for a country to invade. Russian foot dragging in the UN security council is because they don't want the western superpowers to get into the habit of boarding oil boats sailing the shipping lanes.
Tom Brokaw said it all on the nightly news, "The French, who usually go their own way...," and nothing could be closer to the truth. Doesn't it seem odd that France, another socialist regime with nationalized oil interests, is so anxious to prevent a nation like Iraq with similar ideology from getting oil out into the world? Doesn't it seem more logical, no matter what they might have said or what agreements they signed to condemn Hussein, that they might use it as a pretext to place their warships into the gulf to escort Iraqi tankers to safe ports? The United States might have gotten soft on diplomacy and trust and is overlooking the cold, hard facts .

from: ROAD TO BAGHDAD, 8/27/90--
Jordan's King Hussein's recent trip took him first to Sudan, then on to Libya. Both nations are joined together by a boundary running along the twentieth parallel north latitude and the twenty-fifth parallel east longitude, the first link for a blockade running operation that would allow goods to reach the Red Sea undetected, either by air or on the ground. Since air traffic from Libya will be monitered from ships in the Mediterranean, the blockade running route can bypass the north and place supplies directly across from the key Jordanian port of Al Aqabah.
from: White Lightning Party; Office of Military Information,
Memo #8/28/90A--
Nagging question that keeps haunting the back of the mind is, "Why didn't Iraq attack Saudi Arabia when it had a chance before the Americans arrived?" The answer is so obvious it eludes even the most perceptive; the Saudis made a deal with Iraq. With his military machine in place, Hussein is free to wage a propoganda war against the new aggressors in the region, the United States and its hodge- podge of unlikely allies,most of whom never agreed on anything more than the time zone. By dealing with Iraq, Saudi Arabia has one less competitor and Iraq has Kuwait. Removal of the US will be accomplished by promoting infighting amongst allies and they'll all go home dragging expensive war toys behind them.
from: ROAD TO BAGHDAD, 8/28/90--
Reported by Henry Kissinger tonight on PBS that Russian general in charge of Afghan campaign also commanded Russian advisers in Iraq. How then would it be possible that Russians had no prior knowledge of invasion of Kuwait? The Russians have everything to gain by instability in the Mideast, especially if the US looks like the aggressor. Like Mideast rulers, Russian leaders have ability to remain in power long after current US administration; they simply wait out the storm.

from: ROAD TO BAGHDAD, 8/31/90--
Impressed by Gen. Schwartzkopf's ability to come off as tough-guy-on-the-block. Ordering troops to gather around him,Norm displayed the typical language expected of an American commander. "We'll kick their butts." He then told the pilots to save a few tanks for the ground forces but then came the press conference. Following an emotional outburst likening the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq to "rape", when asked about Saddam Hussein's forces, Norm replied, "Some good, some lousy," then was asked about the generals.
from White Lightning Party; Office of Military Information,
Memo #9/16/90B ---- TOP SECRET--
Advantage in desert warfare is achieved by those who are quick to be aware of it. Many battles and movements of WWII were fought under cover of sandstorm and it might prove useful to circulate rumors of large forces threatening the enemy though they can't be seen. Deception is the number one tactic in desert warfare, allow the heat and desolation to work on the enemy's mind. Make the enemy perceive he is being outflanked by combining real deployment with adverse conditions. Also pass rumors of a mad American general on the loose.
from: ROAD TO BAGHDAD, 9/17/90--
Talk about not checking on anything, General Mike Dugan was fired the day before the anniversary of the US Air Force. It's just that kind of failure to check the charts that will bring a breakdown in the chain. General Dugan did nothing more than attempt to break the impasse over the military option. If all the generals that had their own ideas about how to run a war were fired, the privates and PFCs would be in charge. Not surprised that it happened in the first place since an Army man is the chairman of the JCS. If anything, the canning of Dugan illustrates the lack of experience the top echelon has in containing the pre-war neurosis and mission uncertainty felt by everyone.
Published by RECON NEWS --
from: THUNDERSTRIKE--Greenwich Village Bureau 9/21/90--
from: THUNDERSTRIKE, 9/22/90--
North along the Turkish-Iraqi border is a golden opportunity to flank Hussein, drive a wedge between Iraq and any flirtatious ideas it might have with a Soviet alliance and most ideally, the elimination of two rivers to cross on the road to Baghdad; the Tigris and the Euphrates. The liberation of Kuwait would not be the immediate priority since it would serve no useful purpose if Baghdad was the objective and Hussein would be forced to split his forces to guard against invasion from the north. The northern spearhead could be supplied by air and by rail. The keystrategy is to split Hussein's forces.
from: THUNDERSTRIKE Greenwich Village Bureau 10/17/90
Strategy and tactics are two different things but by the current troop configuration of the Allies, there is little distinction. Strategically, to thwart Iraq's aggression, it would be more militarily sound to avoid a direct confrontation with forces around Kuwait and go after the principal target of Baghdad itself. Tactically, the Allies plan to march down the road to Baghdad, freeing Kuwait in the process, a more strategic victory with a prospect of high casualties. By leaping into Saudi Arabia, the coalition has severely limited its battle options and the result will be Hussein remaining in power. -

from: SODASHOP FLIMSY 11/21/90
Iraq's President Saddam Hussein, trying hard to mantain a military edge in the current Persian Gulf buildup, has increased the bet and still believes he holds the winning hand. How far will the Allies go to call his bluff and are they playing with a full deck? Will the pitboss, the US Congress, call a misdeal and shut down the table? Against all odds, just what make Saddam run, does he have an ace up his sleeve like China or the Soviet Union?--
from: SODASHOP FLIMSY, 11/25/90--
Inconceivable that France is actually going along with this Iraq condemnation business. They of all nations can ill afford to get themselves hung up in another no-win situation. Have they forgotten already the mess they've made of things in Algeria? Have they forgotten Vietnam already? Wait until the first time a foreign legion detachment is wiped out at some remote Persian Gulf outpost, what will the over-reactive French people do then? With the price of gas in Europe, no wonder French people ride bicycles. Where are all the great philosophers and thinkers France is famous for? Get with it and wise up.--
from: SODASHOP FLIMSY, East Village Bureau 11/25/90--
Plain and obvious just last week, Maggie Thatcher was up on the podium staunchly defending American buildup in Persian Gulf. Tomorrow morning, she'll be just another British housewife toiling over ham and lima beans in a London flat. Will her strong feelings over Kuwait meet the same fate?
Even during the Falklands, Great Britain suffered heavy domestic criticism. Never a two-sided shilling, the British storm headlong into an international situation to find themselves one of two links in a very short chain, the other side of which is their foolish counterpart, the United States.

from: NEMESIS; January, 1991
Comparison of Hussein ends when the battle begins. Goering rolls over in his grave when he sees the chicken Iraqi air force run away from the fight, certainly not the mighty Luftwaffe that challenged England. One tiny little beach town victory in Kuwait does not size up to Tobruk in North Africa and der Fuhrer would have been furious about dumping oil into the Gulf for no apparent reason. Hussein, wouldn't make it to the rank of corporal in Rommel's Africa Corps. How soon the world has forgotten a real villain.-
from: NEMESIS, 1/91--
Recent Iraqi ground offensive indicator of sorry shape of fearless enemy. Skirmishes were probes to test Allied firepower and losing a dozen tanks is proof that Iraqi war machine is a Rube Goldberg contraption worthy of New York City op-art show. Western media has been taken in by this mesmeric assassin and played him up big in Arab world. US military might rapidly reducing Hussein to what he really is, a sandlot bully.
Legion with big title, so-called "Republican Guard", sits on haunches and takes pounding not seen in recent military annals, at the hands of merciless B-52 bombers.
from: NEMESIS, 1/91--
In the long trail of pre-war visitors to Baghdad, did one of them have outrageous hair style and promise this one would go past the third round? Round One: Allied warbirds hammer everything not tied down from Basra to Baghdad. Iraqi jets hightail it out of the country to hide. Round Two: Ground offensive chews up what's left of the enemy's elite ground forces, challenger teeters on heels as Dealin' Don heads for the exits.
Round Three: A sexy blond western doll holds up card in ring as Don King is in challenger's training room booking for a rematch. The odds look good it will happen.


Railwise from the Mediterranean Sea, the northernmost point of Iraq is less than 500 miles following the old Anatolia to Baghdad railway along the Turkish border with Syria. Expanding even further, the Turkish border itself is linked with Beirut, Lebanon by rail across Syria suggesting new deployment opportunities operating against Hussein to hisnorthern flank. Hussein feels no pressure from the north, pressure need be applied there.

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LOOSE CANNON-- By JC Langelle--(c) 1990

Loose Cannon

The troops are all lined up and waiting for their pay,
the Corporal-of-the-Guard has been sleeping all day.
There's a loose cannon in the camp across the way,
incoming shells land and explode where they may.

Combat machine gunners have a short life span,
a job like that can make a boy forget he's a man.
Soldiers dig foxholes into the desert sand,
as a loose cannon sprays shells across the land.

They hit the trenches quickly when an incoming round
whistles overhead and slams into the ground.
Sending dirt, rocks and stone and people Heaven bound;
shouts of "INCOMING!" are a familiar sound.

A fusillade of shells is a terrifying sight;
will make a brave man wonder if he indeed can fight.
On his mind constantly the slogan "Might Makes Right"
as a loose cannon sprays shells into the night.

There's a loose cannon in the camp across the way,
but the cook doesn't care it's just another day.
Someone's got to peel the spuds and put them on a tray
so he can feed the troops and send them on their way.

As the corpsman counts the bandages he's holding in his hand,
the soldiers are determined to make a solid stand.
And spinning his baton, the leader strikes up the band
as a loose cannon sprays shells across the land.

I HEARD IT ON THE WIRELESS--By JC Langelle--(c) 1990

I Heard it On the Wireless--

Sunrise at the oasis and the General sipped his gin;
The troops out on the guardpost all decided to sleep in.
"I heard it on the wireless!" a corporal shouted loud,
"The enemy's a coming, attacking in a crowd!"

The General ran from his tent sloshing an icy drink,
"Man the guns!", he ordered,
"And lock and load, I think!"
The Officer-on-Duty ran over in a flash,
To a burning helicopter that made an awful crash.

"I seen 'em all," the pilot yelled, bleeding from the wreck.
"There's a hunred-thousand guys and they're all from Iraq.
They'll be here any minute chargin' over the sand dune,
If you stay around you gotta be crazy as a loon!"

"Captain!" the General shouted with gin still on his breath,
"Don't tell the men a thing, it might scare them to death.
I heard it on the wireless, re-enforcements are due,
Egyptians, Syrians and the Foreign Legion too!"

All of a sudden and it really happened quick,
Came a hundred thousand Arabs into the battle thick.
Riflemen opened fire on the swelling ranks,
If anyone survived, to Allah they gave thanks.