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JOHN ALLEN CHAU CASE--Missionary Denial, Conspiracy, Accomplices, Police Forensics--REPORTS FROM LOCAL CHURCHES & AUTHORITIES


(The Laboratory)- Details in the case of the American killed by bow and arrow while he was illegally visiting a dangerous island in the Bay of Bengal are now coming to light through a variey of sources. First and foremost is denial that the subject was a "missionary," as reported by local sources, The first denial of missionary status was  a statement by Dependra Pathak, director general of police of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands,

     "People thought he was a missionary because he had mentioned his position on God and that he was a believer on social media or somewhere online. But in a strict sense he was not a missionary. He was an adventurer. His intention was to meet the aborigines," (1)

The local Christian community also denied any knowledge of the victim's status,
     "Bishop Aleixo das Neves Dias of Port Blair, which covers the area, told that the diocese did not have any accurate information about the victim but confirmed that he was not associated with the Catholic mission in the area... Father Dharampal Tirkey, financial adviser of the diocese, told that attributing conversion as Chau's motive 'is part of a malicious attempt to link the unfortunate incident with Christian missionary work.' " (1)

 The police have arrested the conspirators who allowed the victim access to the restricted area and are charged as accomplices to the homicide; they attempted to hide the death from authorities, as reported in the Phoenix Post India,
     "Subsequently, they returned to Port Blair and narrated the incident to Alexander and handed him the 13 pages of the journal written by John Allen Chau. Alexander in turn informed Bobby Parks, a friend of John Allen Chau, in USA, who in turn informed John Allen Chau’s mother. They didn’t inform the Police or any government authority in this regard... All seven of the aforementioned persons were, therefore, booked and arrested in a separate case for violating the provisions of PAT Regulation and causing death of John Allen Chau."  (2)

     The local newspaper, Andaman Sheeka, provides some forensics of the case,
     "The American tourist John Allen Chau, was reportedly seen killed on 17/11/18 in North Sentinel Islands by a group of five fishermen...As the case pertains to the ultra-sensitive tribal group-Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group(PVTG), police is also taking help of Anthropologists, Academics, Forest department experts etc to guide & assist the police during the investigation of this case,  ..all accused people collaborated with John Chau for this visit to North Sentinel Island." (3)

The Sheeka also reveals where the mission commenced,
     "John Allen Chau reportedly hired fishing dinghy from Chidiyatapu area and with the help of some fishermen he reached closed to the Island on 16 November 2018, from where he travelled in his own canoe." (4)

The Times of India reports that a US based fundamentalist group has raised a protest regarding the unfortunate incident,
     "...the organisation International Christian Concern has expressed concerned and sought action on the matter ." (5)

The International Christian Concern (ICC) group labels the Sentinelese a "hostile tribe,"
     "Sources claim that Chau was killed by hostile members of the Sentinelese tribe after arriving on North Sentinel Island. " (6)
     Apparently the ICC has little understanding of the Sentinelese beliefs in magic and religion as outlined in a previous Eyeless on Campus post, #SENTINELESE NEWS-- The John Allen Chau Affair---NOTES FROM ANTHROPOLOGIST RADCLIFFE-BROWN  (7) The reaction to the intruder may very well have nothing at all to do with being "hostile" and is an ignorant, ethnocentric Christian bias from an organization that knows little of the culture of the Andaman island tribe.

Case Summary: Failure to follow procedure, by not registering his trip, in collusion with some local fishermen whose only interest was self-interest in the form of a bribe, and with the help of conspirator known only as "Alexander," the thrillseeker, under the guise of a Christian missionary, was executed by tribesmen, out to protect their culture.

Next: The Christian community take on the execution.

Supporting Documents

JOHN ALLEN CHAU--Brainwashed by Christian Fundamentalist Fanatics-- THE SUICIDE MISSION(ARY)


(The Pub@Northumberland.)  More details are beginning to surface on the "training" the victim went through that sent him into a barrage of arrows on a remote island in the Bay of Bengal.

ALL NATIONS MISSIONARY, located in Kansas City, MO: Domain information for the website, "" can be found at whois, with the following information.

Registrant Name: Peifeng Ho
Registrant Organization: All Nations Family
Registrant Street: P.O. Box 55
Registrant Street:
Registrant Street:
Registrant City: Grandview
Registrant State/Province: Missouri
Registrant Postal Code: 64030

CBS fills in some more blanks about how the kid wound up there in the first place,

"Chau went to 'share the love of Jesus,' said Mary Ho, international executive leader of All Nations. All Nations, a Kansas City, Missouri-based organization, helped train Chau, discussed the risks with him and sent him on the mission, to support him in his life's calling, she added.

'He wanted to have a long-term relationship, and if possible, to be accepted by them and live amongst them, she said " (2)

Turned out it wasn't his "life's calling" at all, but the grave and these fundamentalist fanatics are responsible for the death.

The website itself attributes the founding to Floyd and Sally McClung, and here's Floyd's credentials,
"He is the author of sixteen books, including the best-selling books, The Father Heart of God and Living on the Devil’s Doorstep. " (3) 

     Below we see Sally and Floyd as sympathetic hippie Jesus freaks listening to two lost youth that they took in at their hostel in a cheap Kabul hotel in 1971. The photo tells it all; the understanding , concerned parental expressions, the bare feet, the crash pad atmosphere. (4)

     Below, Floyd is hyped in 1994 Arizona Republic ad with his smiling, I'm going to stick it you, face and "well-loved minister of God's love. " (5)

  The McClungs are masters at brainwashing kids who need a goal in life and sending them off to their deaths at the hands of bow and arrow wielding heathens in remote corners of the globe.
 All Nations is nothing more than a Sun Moon operation without the converts selling incense in the street. Their students, na├»ve and young out to make the world a better place by bringing Jesus into everyone's lives, are sent into harm's way by zealots with no consideration at all for their welfare.
     Western and ignorant, loaded with ethnocentric righteousness, the fanatics place the blame on the natives, with little understanding of their culture, magic, beliefs and superstitions. John Allen Chau didn't have a prayer.
Supporting Evidence:
(4)  San Rafael Daily Independent Journal, 30 Oct 1971, Page 21.
(5) Arizona Republic, 03 Jan 1994, Page E3-57