Friday, November 18, 2016


Borowitz Collection: Crime Photographs, [187?]-[1969]

Prepared by Cara Gilgenbach and Dyani Scheuerman, November 2002; revised February 2012
5 half-size record storage boxes + 1 flat oversize box, 2.75 cubic feet, 11th floor

Box 3: J-L
372. Lewis, Connie Danna. San Francisco, CA. June 18, 1958. Murdered member of the "Beat Generation."


The San Francisco Chronicle took note with a two part article in their magazine section beginning 15 June 1958 and titled Life and Loves Among the Beatniks, by Allen Brown.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ORIGIN OF TERM "BEATNIK"--The Herb Caen Connection-- LA TIMES. SEPT 19, 1976

Herbert Gold article--  Dream and Reality in The City--

 the word "beatnik," coined by the columnist Herb Caen...

Monday, November 14, 2016

BOB KAUFMAN--Origin of "Beatnik"--CONTINUED--

Following article found in the Asheville Citizen Times  -- Sept 05, 2000

Book Exposes Neglected Poets, by Melissa Williams--

"But if there's one reason to pick up the issue, it may well be with the inventor of the word "beatnik," Bob Kaufman, a half-black, half-Jewish jazz lover..."

Sunday, November 13, 2016


(Photo--Recon News Agency)

Atila insisted it was Herb Caen of the Chronicle who coined the term "Beatnik" that launched a counter-culture. Other sources, yet to be fully verified, indicate it was Kaufman. Investigation ongoing.

Friday, November 11, 2016

GENO KLUMP--Obituary--FEBRUARY 10, 2010

Reno Gazette Journal--February 10, 2010

Allen Eugene

Allen Eugene Klump passed away at his residence in Reno, NV on February 4, 2010. He was born AuguSt 1, 1928 to Myrtle and Virgil Klump in Gary, IN. Gene joined the Coast Guard at age 15 and served in the army in the late 1940's. He later moved to L.A. where he worked for the S.P. Railroad. He traveled extensively as an itinerant musician which took him to Alaska where he worked for BLM, Fish & Wildlife, the Alaska Railroad, as a radio D.J., and ran a bar.

He returned to Indiana and became night Manager for two bowling alleys. In 1963, Gene and Jane moved to Reno and opened Geno's Studio, a bookstore, coffee house and art gallery. In 1966, Gene co-founded Silver Circle Arts Council, attended UNR and resumed playing music. In 1969 Gene was photo lab manager for Studios Kaminsky. In 1973, Jane and Gene bought an acre of land which became Marigold Farms.

Gene was a master gardener with UNR's Extension and developed a program called "Mr. Vegetable" for school districts. In 1989, Gene started a radio career with "Mr. Vegetable's Garden Talk Line" on KQLO, retiring in 2006 from KBZZ. He received a National Broadcasters Association award, taught gardening at TMCC, was Captain Sheepdip in 1970, and reported weather data to the National Weather Service. Gene was preceded in death by his parents, by his spiritual daughter Marsha, and brother Luther Freeman.

He is survived by wife Jane of 47 years, sons Shim (CA) and Steve (HI), daughters Judy, Rodeen, Linda B. of Reno and Grace (HI); nieces Kathryn, Julie, Dorita and Lynn; nephews Jimmy, Steve and John, brothers-in-law Tom Webber (IN) and Jim Webber (NV), and many extended family members. Cremation will take place. Celebration of Life will be at Garden Shop Nursery, 3636 Mayberry Dr., Sunday, February 14, 1-2 p.m. In lieu of flowers the family asks that you donate to a charity of your choice.

(Photo--  Nevada State Journal--May 12, 1967)

Thursday, November 10, 2016


Reno Bircher Asks Probe of Folk Singing

A Reno John Bircher, Dr. John DeTar, has asked Young Republicans to seek a congressional investigation of folk singing, indicating the Communists are using it as a tool "to ensnare and capture youthful minds in the United States." Dr. DeTar's resolution, published in the YR Inform-ant declares: "There is increasing and cumulative evidence indicating a deep interest in, and much activity by, the Communist party, U.S.A. in the field of folk music. Dr. DeTar, a chapter leader for the John Birch Society in Reno, says the resolution prob-ably will go before the Young Republicans at a meeting Tues-day.

He asks that the House Com-mittee on Un-American Activi-ties "investigate Communist subversive involvement in the folk music field; that the con-tinued, effective misuse of this media may not be further used as an unidentified tool of Com-munist psychological or cyber-netic warfare to ensnare and capture youthful minds in the United States, as it has so suc-cessfully and effectively capti-vated them elsewhere. "Folk music has been suc-cessfully used in the past by great political movements in history, particularly in the USSR," Dr. DeTar's resolution declares.

"The Communist movement has been successfully using and is now using all modes and media of communication with young people, including subtle-ties and the verbal subterfuges of applied dialectics in both poems and songs," the resolu-tion says. "It is becoming more and more evident that certain of the `hootenanies' and other similar youth gatherings and festivals, both in this country and in Eu-rope have been used to brain-wash and subvert, in a seem-ingly innocuous, but actually convert and deceptive manner, vast segments of young people's groups," it says. "The youth of our nation is acknowledged to be a major target of the Communist con-spiracy," it says.

Resolutions, the editor of the YR Informant says, must be printed in the Informant before they are read and proposed at: a club meeting.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DAN RATHER--Before Dan Went To The Front Desk--BY JCL (C) 2003--

By James C Langelle--(c) 2003

 Before Dan went to the front desk, he went to the front lines,
Out where it floods and the sun never shines.

We see Dan on the evening news,
reporting stuff brought in by the crews.
Never do we stop to think
whether Dan was ever on the brink.

But long ago when Dan was young,
when he was still a hero unsung,
he was out reporting on floods and war
and who they were letting into the store.

The Chicago '68 convention
was like something from another dimension.
That's where Dan withstood a slug
from someone Walter called a "thug".

But now Dan's sitting there in prime time,
doing stories on drugs and crime.
So  remember where he got his roots,
out there licking someone else's boots.

Until he got a chance to be anchorman,
He was just another run-of-the-mill Dan.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

LOOSE CANNON-- By JC Langelle--(c) 1990

Loose Cannon

The troops are all lined up and waiting for their pay,
the Corporal-of-the-Guard has been sleeping all day.
There's a loose cannon in the camp across the way,
incoming shells land and explode where they may.

Combat machine gunners have a short life span,
a job like that can make a boy forget he's a man.
Soldiers dig foxholes into the desert sand,
as a loose cannon sprays shells across the land.

They hit the trenches quickly when an incoming round
whistles overhead and slams into the ground.
Sending dirt, rocks and stone and people Heaven bound;
shouts of "INCOMING!" are a familiar sound.

A fusillade of shells is a terrifying sight;
will make a brave man wonder if he indeed can fight.
On his mind constantly the slogan "Might Makes Right"
as a loose cannon sprays shells into the night.

There's a loose cannon in the camp across the way,
but the cook doesn't care it's just another day.
Someone's got to peel the spuds and put them on a tray
so he can feed the troops and send them on their way.

As the corpsman counts the bandages he's holding in his hand,
the soldiers are determined to make a solid stand.
And spinning his baton, the leader strikes up the band
as a loose cannon sprays shells across the land.

I HEARD IT ON THE WIRELESS--By JC Langelle--(c) 1990

I Heard it On the Wireless--

Sunrise at the oasis and the General sipped his gin;
The troops out on the guardpost all decided to sleep in.
"I heard it on the wireless!" a corporal shouted loud,
"The enemy's a coming, attacking in a crowd!"

The General ran from his tent sloshing an icy drink,
"Man the guns!", he ordered,
"And lock and load, I think!"
The Officer-on-Duty ran over in a flash,
To a burning helicopter that made an awful crash.

"I seen 'em all," the pilot yelled, bleeding from the wreck.
"There's a hunred-thousand guys and they're all from Iraq.
They'll be here any minute chargin' over the sand dune,
If you stay around you gotta be crazy as a loon!"

"Captain!" the General shouted with gin still on his breath,
"Don't tell the men a thing, it might scare them to death.
I heard it on the wireless, re-enforcements are due,
Egyptians, Syrians and the Foreign Legion too!"

All of a sudden and it really happened quick,
Came a hundred thousand Arabs into the battle thick.
Riflemen opened fire on the swelling ranks,
If anyone survived, to Allah they gave thanks.