Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DAN RATHER--Before Dan Went To The Front Desk--BY JCL (C) 2003--

By James C Langelle--(c) 2003

 Before Dan went to the front desk, he went to the front lines,
Out where it floods and the sun never shines.

We see Dan on the evening news,
reporting stuff brought in by the crews.
Never do we stop to think
whether Dan was ever on the brink.

But long ago when Dan was young,
when he was still a hero unsung,
he was out reporting on floods and war
and who they were letting into the store.

The Chicago '68 convention
was like something from another dimension.
That's where Dan withstood a slug
from someone Walter called a "thug".

But now Dan's sitting there in prime time,
doing stories on drugs and crime.
So  remember where he got his roots,
out there licking someone else's boots.

Until he got a chance to be anchorman,
He was just another run-of-the-mill Dan.