Thursday, July 19, 2018

BLEU DU NORD--Screenplay by JC Langelle--WGA WEST # 1958090 (C) 2018

“Bleu du Nord”, screenplay by JC Langelle
WGA West Reg # 1958090 © 2018  120 pages  07/20/18

     When a Canadian submarine crosses paths with a US destroyer in territorial waters off Washington state, the encounter proves disastrous for the HMCS Lightfoot. Tensions had already been at a breakpoint between the two nations due to recent high tariffs on steel and other commodities placed on Canada by the United States.

     Canada retaliates with a missile attack on the navy base in Seattle where the destroyer is stationed and the war of economic words turns into a potential armed conflict engulfing the entire western hemisphere. Citizens are not only expelled from each nation, they are physically removed and in many cases, feel the wrath of nationalism and patriotism that runs high as the conflict escalates.
     Collateral damage stretches across the border as Wall Street tumbles, diplomats are expelled, NORAD splits and sabotage is on the rise. NATO partners become hostile and align with their historical allies. Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa muster troops and armament in a massive buildup in Canada as an invasion seems imminent. The UK’s new flagship carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, takes up station menacing the waters off the Pacific US coastline.
     The President goes to the United Nations seeking support as erstwhile allies have turned into potential foes with an all out war about to be launched in his front yard.
Through it all, characters, some big and some small, grapple with the consequences of the realignment of global superpowers. Can anybody out there save the day? Perhaps, but only by reading this gripping reversal of fortune in the politics of an high-stakes international  standoff can the outcome be discovered.

Bleu du Nord, by JC Langelle WGA West # 1958090 now available for review.
(775) 357-4153
Cc: literary agencies, industry media, all concerned personnel.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

LA PALEONTOLOGIE--Ruminations, Essays, Quizzes, Papers--CH212-3001 UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA RENO 2018


CH212-3001--PAPER 001A--Fossils and the Geologic R...  Accidental history can define a new movement that “emerges” from another one just as easily as a rejection of the latter. A great deal of emphasis has been placed on evolution as a primary force in the cycle of man’s existence that began from the primordial swamp and progressed to the cyclotron.  But where better to understand the evolution, not of man, species, earth, society and morality except the development of science itself.

CH212-3001--QUIZ 003--Darwin--The Evolution of Evo... “The hypothesis of the connexion of the first limestone beds with the commencement of organic life upon our planet is supported by the fact, that in these beds we find the first remains of the bodies of animated creatures.”  (Vestiges of the natural history of creation, R. Chambers, 1844, page 57.)

CH212-3001--PAPER 001--Romantric Science-Accidenta... A great deal of emphasis has been placed on evolution as a primary force in the cycle of man’s existence that began from the primordial swamp and progressed to the cyclotron. All too often it takes refutation and denial of advance in man’s achievement as a method to promote an antithesis, whether it has anything to do with what it does not accept. Thus, to state that romantic science was a product of the natural course of human endeavor following the enlightenment and industrial revolution may just be a coincidence. It could have been destined to happen anyway,

CH212=3001--RUMINATION 007--Evolution--UNIVERSITY ... The question is not whether there is a role for controversy in science, but can it be constructively presented in the academic community. That is, without obstruction from the US Constitution or the Supreme Court as in the case of intelligent design.

CH212-3001--RUMINATION 006--The Age of Steel, and ... Behind the iron horse driving industry as it progressed from the early stages referred to as the Industrial Revolution came some unexpected byproducts, one of which led to theories on the origin of man himself. Industry demanded fuel to feed the factories, coal was the driving force; behind it the geology of where to find it.

CH212=3001--Essay-Mary Shelley, Frankenstein--UNIV... How do you think Frankenstein is best engaging in a discussion about the relationship between science and society?  It is a matter of consequences for actions. In the case of the protagonist Victor, he has a unique ability to go where the science of the day dare not tread; but when the experiment gets out of control, he attempts to absolve himself of the consequences. He assumes guilt but also discovers nobody believes what he has done. It may have been a prevailing attitude of the times.

CH212-3001 RUMINATION 004--Essay-Romanticism, Ind... Given the rather rude welcome man received at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution; with all of its gadgets, inventions, uncertainty and enslavement to machinery, it is no surprise a counter reception resulted. Known as Romanticism, since it is always useful to label a movement and heap all of its disciples into it, the poets, artists and writers of the era rediscovered the simplicity and inspiration of nature around them.

CH212-3001 RUMINATION 003--Essay-Enlightenment, Fr... The theme running throughout the documents emphasizes the importance of “natural law” above anything the kings, the church, man in general had in mind to oppress the masses. There appeared in all of these documents a broad, sweeping catalogue of reforms necessary to ensure these so-called inalienable rights.

CH212-3001 RUMINATION 002--The Scientific Revoluti... In Chapter 5 of Ede’s “A History of Science in Society,” the author mentions the expression “gestalt switch” in the opening paragraph related to how Descartes, Newton and others arrived at their groundbreaking new principles of mathematics in particular. The expression is probably a variation of “gestalt shift” and can be synonymous to “paradigm shift” which means a radical new way of looking at something.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

ERAC, CHASE & 3.0 GPA-- by JC Langelle--(C) 2018 EYELESS ON CAMPUS


(KB HQ)-- If the new page Duong Son (2) isn't impressive enough, it was formerly but all of that changed today, or rather sometime last week.
     The first event was the employment offer from Hertz as a driver at the Reno airport. I jumped through all the hoops and finally got on board the previous Tuesday. By the time Wednesday rolled around I texted and backed out of the position, citing

"Regrettably, I will be unable to take the job at the Reno airport as planned, due to an excess of other responsibilities..." 

There was plenty of reason to back out although the "excess of other responsibilities" still aren't exactly clear. About the same time I applied for the Hertz driver job, I asked for a transfer from my Enterprise service agent job from the Truckee airport into Reno. The objective here was to make the upcoming Fall schedule at the University of Nevada a bit more in line with employment. As it turned out, all of the chess moves made turned out to be right.
     FoIlowing some back and forth between HR at Roseville, for the Truckee branch, and Las Vegas, for the Reno branch, the transfer was rejected. HR in Roseville; Coreen McGregor and  HR in Las Vegas, Francine Mazza; the latter I had prior dealings with, most of them with negative results. I nixed the Hertz position and instead went back to work on five-hour shifts at the Truckee for two weekends. With finances getting tight, I expected at least a reasonable enough paycheck to make the car payment to Chase. I checked the payroll page on Wednesday and found having worked twenty hours on four separate weekend days, one was bumped to the next pay period, $200 was taken and applied to some medical benefit deduction and the payroll showed $37. I texted Enterprise submitting an immediate resignation. It was Air Show weekend at the Truckee airport, one of the biggest rental weekends of the year. Payroll must have had a blinking light on the dashboard of its rental to hand me a check for $37, quick, take Shannon over there to Auto Doctor. It suddenly dawned on me just how treacherous working for a corporation can be and realized how different it might have been if I was in a union.
     So the Hertz thing was out, the ERAC job vaporized in one fast direct deposit of a check that wasn't there, and I get a call from Chase today telling me my car payment was two weeks behind, something I was already painfully aware of. I had bought the car under some troublesome circumstances and only recently I thought about how nice it would be to lose the car, the insurance and Chase. AAA went up $30 a month to $117 citing some local statistics for the necessity, not my perfect driving record for 20 years, it should have dropped. I struggled to make the last two payments and have been living on $10 a day as the result. I called Chase and explained in no uncertain terms that I could not make a payment and it just didn't sink in. I called back and they suggested some alternative payment plan which after a long repeated explanation of all of the above plus the expectation of having enough to pay the car by the third week in August, they rejected the alternative plan. I told them to come and get the car.
    As for the 3.0 GPA, UNR texted and said financial aid requirements for the Fall 2018 session is 15, not 12, credits, which is just short of impossible. That takes another $700 out of the FAFSA refund needed to cover various expenses from the start of the semester to Christmas.  But the future is now wide open, I stood my ground against the corrupt, greedy, soulless corporations that I had promoted with such confidence and find myself as a result, broke and no car. It would have been simpler to take the $37 loss, go back to the Air Show, call Chase and set a payment and live on $5 a day instead of $10. What have I discovered because of all of this? Time.
     Time to write, to record, to get blogs inventoried, look over discs full of recordings, web pages needing edited, stories to upload, others to delete. Time to open a new site like Duong Son (2), to add more songs to Spreaker, to park the car and walk, go next door and order pizza. Time to drop the CH212 class where the prof gave me a 40 on a very organized paper I submitted, time to drop the CH201 Core Humanities class for the summer, pulling back on the Pell Grant before that led to problems on the Fall financial aid.
     There is a basic law of nature,
" for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction."
I have noticed lately that this doesn't just apply to gravity or acceleration.

You're pushin' too hard...."