Tuesday, January 30, 2018

ANTH 281--Spectrographic Signature of a Whistling Sound--ICONIC MAPPING

  The whistling sound used in this example is called "Whistle for Attention" and can be found at soundbible.com.  The following is the spectrograph created from the .wav file:

     Note the rise in the inflection at the end of the whistle consistent with the actual sound at the .wav file. The line along the bottom in the narrow spectrographic range acts as a symbol that can be considered a "character" in the whistle alphabet. Various whistles that change in pitch, up and down. or the reverse, constant, falling off completely, or pulsed, all have a particular signature that would, in effect, form a lexicon of whistling sounds, some iconic and representational, others metaphorical.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

ANTH 281--The Quadratic Typologies of David McNeill--SPRING 2018, UNR

ANTH 281- Dr. J Ferguson-University of Nevada, Reno, Spring 2018

David McNeill's "Quadratic Typology of Gestures"

     Psychologist noted for his 4-category theory on gestures: Iconic, Metaphoric, Deictic and Beat.

The Iconic- Taking to task the "Emblem" subset in the Ahearn text (page 41) , the symbol of "Thumbs-Up" may well mean everything is OK. but it is also the sign used when a homeless person is standing on the side of the freeway and needs a ride. The Tennessean (Jan 18, 1992) has this to say about the "Thumbs-Up" gesture,
     "A thumbs up from pilots and astronauts means their mission will be a success But order a beer in Germany with a raised thumb and the bar-keep will bring you one brew. Use the same symbol in Japan and you'll get five beers."
     The article also mentions that the "V-for-Victory" sign was first flashed by Winston Churchill.
The Metaphoric-- Those with a background in Morse Code know well that the dot-dash combination for the letter "V" is dot-dot-dot-dash.  A metaphoric symbol was adopted to galvanize the Allies in World War Two to defeat Nazi Germany, and eventually evolved into the first four notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.
Background for the highly iconical-representational symbolism between Morse Code for the letter "V" and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony can be found in the article located at cmuse.org. The image above was found at that website.
The Deictic- Movie crime buffs will not hesitate to point out the all-too common gesture of the robber, hat pulled low over face when he walks into the bank and points an index finger hidden in the pocket of his trench coat and announces,
"Don't anybody move, this is a stickup!"
Of course the two events have to occur simultaneously, there can be no lag time and it is critical that the hand is in the pocket of the trench coat before entering the bank.
The Beat- The most unforgettable example of this gesture was Nikita Khrushchev at the United Nations on October 12, 1960 shouting "We will bury you!!" as he pounded a shoe on his desk.

(Image: http://www.sanantoniopeace.center/october-12-in-peace-justice-history-3/)
Personal use of gestures to illustrate an example as a speaker of North American English:
The Iconic- When describing various techniques I have observed in the classroom used by professors, I would note the operation of a remote for Power-point presentations by closing a hand to represent an imaginary remote and moving the thumb up and down to indicate the progression of slides. I would then position my fingers to represent holding an imaginary piece of chalk or an erasable marker as I moved it across an imaginary board to illustrate the lecture given the old-fashioned way, by use of writing notes directly onto the board.
The Metaphoric- Utilizing a pair of glasses, I might be in a dialogue with another person and when it came to an agreement, I might remove the glasses and say,
"I see what you mean."
Whereas a connection has been established between the removal of the glasses and the mutual  understanding, since the glasses represent the act of seeing. The action of removal is threefold: it might be done prior to the statement, in conjunction with or after the statement is made. Example:
"I see what you mean," pause briefly, then remove the glasses.
The Deictic- For recruits in boot camp, I would illustrate, while describing, the proper orientations for various military orders such as Attention!, Parade Rest!, At Ease!; and correct methods for pushups, sit-ups and other physical exercises.
The Beat- In a music class, I would take to task the use of a drumstick to tap out the complex tempo of Dave Brubeck's jazz masterpiece "Take Five."

Saturday, January 27, 2018

#KABUL--The Long Road Out of Afghanistan--REF: "SOFT WAR" V "HARD WAR"

It wasn't until President Lincoln decided he would not defeat the South with a "soft war" strategy, that a "hard war" was engaged. Grant broke through at Chattanooga, the Union defeated the Confederates at Gettysburg, and Sherman marched to Atlanta. We have not reached that turning point in Afghanistan.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

#FAKENEWSAWARD--Gen. McClellan Retreats to Fort Monroe--CONFEDERATES ADVANCE--


IMPORTANT FOREIGN DETAILS. FALSE NEWS FROM TIIE UNITED STATES The American War in thc House of Commons. Debate on the Notion to Recognize the Southern ConiedCracy.
The Motion to "Recognize" Finally 'Withdrawn.
The de-tails of the foreign news by the Aus-tralasian at Nev., York (an abstract of which we published yesterday) are highly interest-ing. The steamers Arabia, Bremen and Glas-gow had arrived out. ,(From the Liverpool Correspondent of the Associated Press.] False News front America. Much excitement was caused on Friday, the ISth, by telegrams frost' Queenstown to the eflect that priTate advices had reached there by the steamer Glasgow announcing that McClellan had proposed that his army, which was retreating to Fortress Monroe, should surrender upon conditions to the vic-torious Confederates, but that the Southern commanders had refused to grant any terms. It was added that McClellan himself had taken refuge on board the gunboat Galena',' and that sundry Federal generals and divi-sions had been captured by the Confederates, who had interposed part of their forces be-tween the Federal army and Fortress Mon-roe. Notwithstanding that this so-called news was false upon its very face—advices two days later than the Glis.:-.gow's having previously been received by the Jura—it ob-tained much credence and exerted considera-ble influence, particularly in Liverpool, where the Cotton market W3.3 for the mo-ment paralyzed, and American quoted )4d lower_ .


The President's first "Fake News Award" will go to the correspondent at the New York Tribune who reported that General Hooker's Army of the Potomac took a retrograde movement across the Rappahannock and reversed its campaign in pursuit of General Lee's retreating Army of Virginia. Apparently, the "false news" claim slipped passed the military censor as it was encoded in cipher, possibly meant for stock-jobbers to speculate. Commenting on the mysterious fabrication, The Massachusetts Republican noted "We advise Mr. Stanton to set his news censors at work to ferret out these coiners of false information."

" There is something requiring '21)4W:iron in the very positive arid detailed accounts sent forward froth Wash-tugton on 14unday as to another advance of Oen. hooker across the Rappahannock. They seemed incredible at the time. and )et they were gct up in such aplicit and wai-ter-of-fact style as to dereive the most sagacious sifters of Ilf-11(5. Where did they come from? Who was the irge-Mous trainator, andabat was his object t We ads ise Mr. Starton to art bin news ,:eubora at work to ferret out these coiner. of false Information. Of course they will have little difficulty in tracing the despatches to their mourns, since they were allowed to pass when known to be raise, on the principle, we suppose, that fa/se news Pio* not help the enemy if it shodll reach them. The new was most full and particular as sent to the Philadelphia Prew, Mr. Forney'. parr, which often has army news in-dicating close relations with the War Offlee—a fact that may or way not be relevant in this case. ',the correspon-d ut undertook to give the news as brought back from Gen. Hooker's army- by Vie President and Oen. Ili/leek, I, nod Witt as that after sending over several regiments on Wednesday and Thursday, who found that the enemy had disappeared from the other side, Geo. Hooker put over the first ard fifth corps wider Sedgwick, and afterwards cross-ed his •h le army, who deployed in (Efferent directions Hera of the enemy."

ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE--Sen. Flake (R-AZ) Speech in Congress--REF: FAKE NEWS AWARDS

Sen. Flake's reference to "enemy of the people" predates Stalin and Ibsen to the Van Buren administration, when The Madisonian  (29 May, 1838) compared that White House to the phrase. It followed in the wake of the Panic of 1837 and the cancellation of the charter of the Second National Bank in favor of state banks by Jackson. The panic over democracy in Sen. Flake's eyes might first be a panic in the eyes of Wall Street over the current leadership.

The recent election that took place in Virginia, all will admit, turned wholly on the Preside►t'N scheme. Parties divided on the Sub-Treasury. Both Conservatives and,Whigs were opposed to it, form-ing together an immense majoz it). of the State. Thus, in accordance with the doctrines both of General Jackson and Mr. Van Buren, is relation to 'their elections in reference to a recharter of the Bank of the United States ; the people of Virginia have em-phatically declared, there shall be no Sub-Treasury. In the face of such facts, it is declared by those who support the administration and all its measures, that the Conservatives are "enemies of the adminis-trationsenemies of the people !" Now, we will tell these individuals who utter those rash and reckless Iassertions, that there is no foundation for them—that it is the administration which is its own enemy as well as the enemy of the people, who w  will "sooner or hAter be obeyed." We venture to speak for most of the Conserva-tives, whether leaders or rank and file, that they are neither to be alarmed by threats, nor seduced by flat-tery from the position they now occupy. In choosing it, they were actuated by principle alone, from which nothing whatever can,induce them le swerve.
The Madisonian--29 May, 1838

WINTER OLYMPICS--Integration of the Korean Women's Hockey Team--REMARKABLE STEP TOWARD PEACE

Note the very Asian name of the South Korean coach, Sarah Murray. She's from Minnesota, the land of a whole bunch of lakes, more than Finland. It is appropriate for South Korea to import gunslingers for the team but not the Peoples Republic.
What a remarkable step forward for peace on the Peninsula, something that goes against the formal policy of not just the White House but most of the rest of the so-called democratic world, where integration of all beliefs: religious, economic and political (not to forget gender equality) are the cornerstones of their nations.



#FAKE NEWS AWARDS--The Delusory Impotence of the White House--ADDRESSING THE REAL ISSUES

One needs to doubt the sanity of the public for giving this frivolous nonsense any attention at all. It is no surprise that the President will entertain himself with such an irrelevant matter so that he can conveniently ignore the pressing issues such as immigration, Afghanistan, taxes, the budget, the list is endless. Case in point, tax cuts: the federal government attempts to be strong and centralized then passes a tax cut purported to be the biggest in history. Where will the money come from to support education, the military, welfare of the people and the rapidly disintegrating infrastructure of the nation? History provides plenty of examples of an impotent federal government with delusory visions and no money to bring them into reality, totally broke with an historical deficit to address.Bottom line: everyone knows the value and necessity of the media and its importance in a free society, to question it only reinforces the opinion that the President isn't totally all there. We have the White House physician's assertion that he is, could we have a second opinion?

Friday, January 12, 2018

#HAITI--Don't Delude Yourself--ON RACISM IN AMERICA..

   Don't delude yourself over the history of racism in America. The Declaration was signed completely ignoring the slaves. The Constitution protected the rights of slave owners to keep their property. The Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act, Dred Scott all led to the Civil War. Robert E Lee himself stopped John Brown, the abolitionist, at Harper's Ferry. President Lincoln suggested that Emancipation came with a price, that the slaves go to Mexico. Are we forgetting how many Americans died at Gettysburg?
   Racism has been a fact of life in the United States as long as the nation has been here. Following the Civil War, the 13th Amendment abolished slavery but it was still a long road through Reconstruction, Jim Crow and the rise of the Klan. Here, on the weekend we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. we are once again faced with that haunting specter of America's dark past, and a President who has little regard for the strides made to rid us of it.