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#KENOSHA 53143---The Hypocrisy of Injustice--ORLANDO, GILROY & EL PASO

     "...angry, outraged army of  Blacks of the nation have been defunded of their wits, robbed of their sense of civility..."

     Incline Village, Nev. (EOC)-- June 12, 2016, shots rang out in Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Three hours later, the fanatic was shot dead but not before he killed nearly 50 patrons of the establishment with just over that same number wounded. (1) Last summer, two attacks cost the lives of many more Americans; on July 28, 2019 at the Gilroy Garlic Festival (2) and a month later a Wal Mart in El Paso. (3) In each case, there was some sort of ethnic, gender, racial identity background involved. At Pulse, the killer was a fanatic claiming to be a member of ISIS, although the FBI couldn't find any hard evidence there. The patrons of the club weren't all homosexuals, but ninety percent of the victims were Hispanic. (4) The Gilroy festival victims had ethnic backgrounds and in El Paso, Mexicans were deliberately targeted. Two things came out of the murders: first, the usual call for gun control, second, the usual call for hate crimes against the suspects. 
     One year later, yet another sequence of events has led to violent response nationwide but under a completely different set of circumstances, with the reaction totally off the charts in recent social experience.  This time the incidents were officer involved with African Americans, in various cities across the nation what the Republican government in Washington has labelled "Democrat controlled." Since then, with the beginning at the start of summer and more recently a little over a week ago. Are the details necessary? Are they relevant? Not at all. They've already been virally cast millions of times across mainstream and social media making details and relevance about as valuable as cheap currency in a Third World country. If anything, all of that exposure does nothing more than aid the defense in the fair trial argument, as was the case of others that preceded where the accused walked away from the courthouse free. What's different?

     In the case of Orlando, Gilroy and El Paso, the media coverage and outrage lasted little more than a couple of weeks after the usual political facilitations and calls for taking away guns from the people. The issue was deflected from religion, alternative lifestyle and race, to a call to arms to deny the public the right to keep and bear arms. As usual, the demagogue became the National Rifle Association, which had nothing at all to do with any of the criminals who pulled the triggers, never even heard of them.  Conveniently, however, for some reason, ISIS escaped again into the desert dunes and the Mexicans were left to mourning for their dead. There was no uprising, no burning of private businesses, no looting, no marches on the capital. Pulse happened during the Obama administration, soft on terror while claiming the head of Osama bin Laden. At least one senator, John McCain (R-AZ), called out Obama on the nightclub massacre, reported by Daniel Halper in the New York Post;
      " 'He pulled everybody out of Iraq,' McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, said of Obama, 'and I predicted at the time that ISIS would go unchecked, and there would be attacks on the United States of America….It’s a matter of record, so he is directly responsible.' " (6) 
Still, the outrage over the three shootings, while simmering on the front page for the minimal amount of time before interest fizzled, bordered on societal negligence compared to the recent cop-black man confrontations. Two things came from them; rebellion and calls to defund the police. The first is ongoing, in the streets of Portland, in Kenosha, Wisconsin and other major cities, culminating in the March on Washington last week. (7) Media has made the incidents into a crusade for cultural justice, not for the homosexuals slaughtered in Orlando, not for the Mexicans gunned down in El Paso. Media has made the call for justice on the only theme it knows, race. That is where the roots of hypocrisy lie, not in the cops out to get defunded, the African Americans struggling to maintain their place in America, not in the neo-fascists and woke generation. The hypocrisy of injustice is a cross the media bears. 

     If anything, the angry, outraged army of Blacks of the nation have been defunded of their wits, robbed of their sense of civility through all of the media race baiting. In addition, the politicians point the finger at each other to place the blame, in much the same way Obama pulled out of Iraq and Senator McCain cast the blame for Pulse on the president;  
     " KENOSHA, Wis. — There is a political blame game between Democrats and Republicans over what happened Tuesday night in Kenosha. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said the two shooting deaths were on the shoulders of Gov. Tony Evers. During the radio interview Wednesday morning, Vos blamed the two overnight deaths on Evers' decision not to initially request federal assistance." (8.)
It didn't stop there, late reports have the presidential candidates both accusing the other for the recent shootings following the initial incident. 
     The president announced he will visit the front lines in Wisconsin early next week, local politicians have asked him to stay away.

Biden: I condemn violence in Portland, 'challenge Trump to do the same'

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Joe Biden Mick Mulvaney to start hedge fund Trump to visit Kenosha on Tuesday amid unrest Warner calls Intelligence chief's decision to scale down congressional election security briefings 'outrageous' MORE on Sunday condemned violence in Portland, Ore., after police said one person was fatally shot amid clashes between Black Lives Matter protesters and counter protesters.



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#BANKSY-- The Louise Michel Affair--S.O.S...


" 'anti-racist and animal rights activist' who is also German..."
Pia Klemp, the ship's captain.


     Incline Village, Nev. (EOC)-- Yet another story about refugees in peril being rescued by daring radicals on the high seas. This time it takes on a different twist, not the usual heroes such as Doctors Without Borders, but an elusive London street artist who uses the name of "Banksy" as a pseudonym. His identity has been speculated in various media reports, but the story is not about the artist, but the rescue mission.

Banksy funds refugee rescue boat operating in Mediterranean

The British street artist Banksy has financed a boat to rescue refugees attempting to reach Europe from north Africa, the Guardian can reveal. The vessel, named Louise Michel after a French feminist anarchist, set off in secrecy on 18 August from the Spanish seaport of Burriana, near Valencia, and is now in the central Mediterranean where on Thursday it rescued 89 people in distress, including 14 women and four children.

     The ship itself  doesn't appear to have the capability to achieve its objective of bringing on board large numbers of refugees. Its captain is Pia Kemp, referred to by at least one Italian agency as "La Pirata;"

Lei è Pia Klemp, la "pirata" che sta traghettando in Italia 219 clandestini: "La mia è un'azione antifascista" - Rassegne Italia

La Louise Michel fa rotta verso l'Italia con 219 migranti a bordo, gli ultimi 13o raccolti nella notte nel Mediterraneo. La nuova nave della Ong più amata dai radical chic di tutta Europa, finanziata e decorata addirittura da Banksy in persona, street-artist [...]

      "And after Carola Rackete, we will learn to know Captain Pia Klemp, an 'anti-racist and animal rights activist' who is also German and, like the former captain of Sea Watch, on trial in Italy for aiding and abetting illegal immigration."

Un navire pour secourir les migrants en Méditerranée : le dernier projet du street-artiste Banksy

Le projet a été gardé secret le plus longtemps possible pour ne pas risquer d'être compromis par les autorités. Le street-artiste britannique Banksy a financé un bateau pour secourir les migrants qui tentent de rejoindre l'Europe à partir de l'Afrique du Nord, révélait, jeudi 27 août, The Guardian.

     "The captain of the boat is Pia Klemp, a German human rights activist, known for having driven several other rescue ships, including the Sea-Watch 3, for which she had declined the honorary medal that the City of Paris wished to give her, showing its disagreement with the migration policy carried out in the capital. She is still the subject of an investigation by the Italian courts, for 'helping illegal immigration' in particular." Al Jazeera reported earlier today that other vessels were in on the distress call;

      "On Saturday, Sea-Watch 4, another migrant rescue vessel, jointly operated by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the NGO Sea-Watch, announced it was altering course and heading towards Louise Michel. "We already have 201 people on board, the first of whom were rescued a week ago and who until now are denied a place of safety," Hannah Wallace Bowman, MSF's Field Communications Officer onboard Sea-Watch-4, told Al Jazeera." (1)
At least one vessel named Sea Watch Bravo's position is located at Marine Traffic. (2)

     How all of this will eventually play out, with the EU governments not likely to welcome any new effort to rescue Libyans in leaky boats headed toward the European mainland, remains to be seen. 

Late News: 30 August 2020:

Boat carrying nearly 370 migrants reaches Italy's Lampedusa

A fishing boat carrying nearly 370 migrants landed overnight on the Italian island of Lampedusa, where the main holding centre is already overcrowded, prompting the local mayor to call for a general strike to push the government take action.



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ANTH281.1003--Indexicality of Here & Now-- U NEVADA, RENO, FALL 2020

  "Other indexical signs include pronouns and words such as 'here' or 'now' because they are connected to (indeed, cannot be understood without knowledge of ) particular elements of the context."  (Ahearn, 39)


     Anthropology 281.1003: (from syllabus)--    This class will focus on some essential aspects of language to explore some of the basic topics and questions of modern linguistic anthropology. In order to examine these aspects of language we will consider evidence from the spoken word and from video and audio clips of people going about their daily lives or participating in interviews. Students will be expected to provide analysis on the communicative behavior of those around them, as well as think reflexively about their own language use patterns in day-to-day life.

Discussion 2: Come up with your own example-either from your own or someone else's experiences or a fictional one you make up yourself-and explain what the language use, as you present it,  indexes in terms of social relations, identities, or values

 Ahearn's description of CS Pierce's index with respect to "here" and "now" can be found in film titles such as "From Here to Eternity" (1953, dir: Zinneman) and "Apocalypse Now." ( 1979, dir: Coppola)

     The phrase "from here to eternity" actually came from a Rudyard Kipling poem, "Gentlemen-Rankers."  The context elements in the film appear vague, but are clear in the poem. One might guess that in the film, it refers to any of number of characters who in some way were important persons in civilian life, possibly Prewitt (Montgomery Clift), the prize boxer, an Army private "cruelly punished for not boxing on his unit's team." (IMDB)

     "If the home we never write to, and the oaths we never keep,    And all we know most distant and most dear, Across the snoring barrack-room return to break our sleep,    Can you blame us if we soak ourselves in beer?" (Kipling, 1892)

Certainly the context of the title might represent not just Prewitt but Maggio (Frank Sinatra) as well although his life before the army is not brought into focus other than he was Italian and subject to ethnic slurs. Maggio certainly wasn't the typical Kiplian "gentleman-ranker" like Franko (John Cassavetes)  in "The Dirty Dozen" (1968, dir: Aldrich) who was "former Chicago Crime Syndicate mobster who was involved in the killing and striking of an old man during a botched robbery in London." (fandom)

Translating the title of the film, as with the novel by James Jones, (Wikipedia) the story diverges enough between the two that both obfuscate the intended indexicality of "here."

Yet another rather dismal attempt to relate the meaning of a title to a film is "Apocalypse Now" (1979, dir: Francis Ford Coppola) Again, one might search the web and find conflicting reports on the origin of the title. One thing is clear, the film was released nearly a decade after the Vietnam War ended, and certainly not the "now" as was hoped in the title.  


Ahearn, L,  Living Language, Digital Edition, Wiley-Blackwell, UK, 2012

From Here to Eternity,

Apocalypse Now,

The Dirty Dozen,

Apocalypse Now image,

Dirty Dozen image,


ENG301.1002--Intro Discussion & Posts--UNR, FALL 2020

     "...Failure is not an option..."

     Incline Village, Nev. (EOC)--English301.1002: (from the syllabus)--"This class invites students to reexamine argument through the lens of its democratic function. We will first explore classical rhetorical approaches as informed by Greek and Roman writers. Next, we will draw on interdisciplinary work to examine contemporary public discourse that is so often mired in demagoguery, fake news, and conspiracy theories. "... 

Class Introduction:
  • What challenges and opportunities do you see with online learning?  Progress goes hand in hand with innovation. America is a very diverse and resilient society with more talent per capita than anywhere else in the world.  The challenge is the opportunity.
  • Have you ever taken an online course before? In the Spring of 2020, all classes went to online sessions in the middle of the semester at the University of Nevada, Reno. Everyone adapted quickly as what was to be expected from a culture that is already far ahead of the rest of the world in technology. 
  • What was your experience with online education in high school?--When I went to Reno High  back in the last century, Sputnik hadn't been in orbit over 10 years, a hit song by the Tornados was "Telstar" and transistor radios were the biggest thing on campus..  You could look up in the sky at night and see the Telstar satellite fly over.  I would fall asleep with the transistor radio under my pillow listen[ng to
    "Telstar." The Mercury project was just drawing to a conclusion and Gemini just beginning.  Five years after I graduated, Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

The Mt. Oread Manifesto--

     The "Whereas," format, often used in United Nations Security Council resolutions, is meant to justify action to be taken in condemnation of some unjust or travesty of law. In the Mt. Oread Manifesto, the first Whereas relates to "citizen participation" other than voting or information consumption. It doesn't directly target specific groups, genders, ethnicities or other demographic variables that may make it either mandatory or just a plain inconvenience to participate more than casting a ballot or watching nightly news. Is it the responsibility of youth to be more vocal, is it legal for vigilantes and militias to take action against established authority? To what degree can that specific extroverted action become the albatross around the neck of those who participate? The Whereas immediately following the first relates to understanding "a problem from more than one position." Fair enough but still, in a fast-paced society where the decision become as important as the repercussions, even close scrutiny from just one perspective might be the fine line between success and failure. From the film "Apollo 13," (1995, dir: Ron Howard) mission director Gene Kranz (Ed Harris) faced with possible loss of ship and crew, responds by saying;    
      "Failure is not an option."
Kranz didn't have the luxury of exploring other positions.

Short History of Rhetoric, Roberts-Miller,  discussion:

     1.) The Enlightenment: exchange of the so-called "belles-lettres" possibly brought on by the number of style conscious writers of the period. There appeared an effort to over-achieve the next person in sheer volume due probably to the invention of the printing press. With respect to that, however, the volume itself became the enabler of the period as the exchange of ideas led to some great strides in science and mathematics, whereas what might be considered rhetorical speculation may have taken a back seat to discovery.
      2.) "The extraordinary expansion of colleges, especially in the sixties, (to which the GI Bill, the space race, draft deferment, and feminism all contributed in their own ways) ;" the names cited appear to forget the contributions of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Wolfe and Kesey as vanguards of the Beat Generation just prior to the unsettled 60s. 

The Mt. Oread Manifesto, 
Apollo 13 image, 


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BEING THERE--Week One, Remote Learning--U NEVADA, RENO, FALL 2020

     "...When the legend becomes fact, print the legend..."


     Incline Village, Nev. (EOC) -- Having worked out most of the information tech glitches to put thousands of students on the virtual campus instead in the classrooms at the University of Nevada in Reno this week, expectations were high and results mixed.  Those classes included Anthropology and three English classes, one of which was a late entry when the Journalism lecture and lab was dropped. One English class mysteriously disappeared from the schedule today, possibly given the boot from the professor. However, a CO14 class opened at the last minute in Museum Studies, a History class that meets the last tough-to-secure CO requirement . 
     The Screenwriting class was also dropped as it required reading some stale screenplays, most of which were from produced films that made hundreds of millions at the box office. But they still couldn't pay me enough to read them. Most of the first week's lectures related to reading of the sacred syllabus from the professors and followed up by discussions that centered on student introductions and responses. Some of those are included below:

     ANTH281.1003:  "Janessa" wrote "When I am around relatives or people of the same culture I tend to use more slang (ebonics). Most ebonics have a negative connotation attached to them, and people commonly associate the use of this language as 'ghetto' or 'illiterate'." Response to this post was;
     "Your discussion post brings up the duality in the culture that needs to be embraced more often instead of shamed. Not everyone understands the complex history behind African American Vernacular, its roots in Caribbean and African folklore as well as its use today in literature. As an example of the latter, Percival Everett, in his novel "Erasure" utilizes the vernacular in the (metatextual) story-within-a-story written by the author Stagg R. Leigh, with his main character, Van Go Jenkins, speaking in street dialect throughout "My Pafology." (Erasure, Everett, 2001)
     ENG301.1002: "Hello Natalie, Good to see your lack of focus is a concern as it truly is with this somewhat different way of learning. Online campus has been around for awhile but it always seemed associated with those so-called "Trump Universities" that eventually went belly-up and hit with hundreds of lawsuits. There is indeed a certain amount of stigma attached to online classrooms. Whether or not students at UNR will get fed up with the scenario and demand to be back in the classroom remains to be seen. As for organizing time and schedule, the best suggestion is get a dartboard as lately it seems a better option than the demands placed on Web Campus, no matter how straightforward they may seem." 
      Hello Delaney, " cultural reinforcement of American mythology,..." 
     "Sounds impressive. It is pervasive and when Googled, turned up a 450 page book with that title by Heike Paul. Chapter One is a no brainer: 'Christopher Columbus and the Myth of ‘Discovery’ ' and it is difficult, as a believer in tradition that changing history, making it 'true' or even 'bigger than life' itself, somehow removes part of that mysticism that surrounds the myth. 

     Take for instance the film, 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.' (1962, dir: Ford). A particular line at the end of the film; 'When the legend becomes fact, print the legend,' is 'one of the most resonant lines in movie history.' (Old Hollywood Films) There are any number of takes on what the line was supposed to mean, from the actual events in the film, even alluding to the life of the director, John Ford, himself. My own personal opinion is that some things are better left alone, and the Columbus myth, currently under a great deal of pressure, may be one of them. That doesn't mean that 'hands-off' is approval of the myth. If there is an historical data-void that contributes not just to the myth, but to the truth uncovered, the line between fact and legend becomes subjective. Good Luck in graduating! " 
     ENG407B.1001: "Thus far, in the first week, a great deal has already been accomplished possibly beyond expectations. Most of the class has already been exposed to online learning and being from a newer generation, has adapted quickly to just one more technological challenge. Those unfamiliar with the rapid pace of tech development would experience some hesitation with the new method and possibly add trauma to that experience. That said, the best solution is to get out of the remote environment and back into the classroom. Certainly, the breakout rooms make it easier to discuss the assignments but there's nothing like classroom chatter to get a better understanding of the material, and a sense of "Being There" (1979, dir: Hal Ashby),  unlike Chance (Peter Sellers) , "with no knowledge of the world except what he has learned from television." (IMDB)

Late Entry: 28 Aug 2020, 2200PDT--The museum study class was dropped and the English class that mysteriously disappeared has reappeared. In addition, the English technical writing class was dropped as well, traded for another rhetoric class..

Everett, P., My Pafology, Erasure,


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#CAL FIRES--It Never Rains in California-- (C) 2020 SOHO_STATION



Kings Beach, Cal. (EOC)--
Newly released 
"It Never Rains in California" 
soho_station, (c) 2020


Saturday, August 22, 2020


     "the White House in its standoff with House Democrats over additional unemployment funding, the grant has robbed vital resources just when they are needed the most..."

LATE BULLETIN: 08/23/20/1300PDT

Fire breaks created around Santa Cruz, UCSC to protect the city

Santa Cruz firefighters have created fire breaks between the CZU Lightning Complex Fires and the City of Santa Cruz. As of Saturday morning no evacuation warnings or orders had been given for the city, but city officials and firefighters are preparing for the worst case scenario.

Twin Gates Fire Break--

Latest from the GeoMac viewer, located at the National Fire Situational Awareness website:


     Incline Village, Nev. (EOC)-- From the smoke plume map being generated over at the AirNow site, it is evident that the innumerable fires burning in the Golden State have now become a national concern. The plume extends from border to border and as far east as the Mississippi River. (1) Calls are coming in across the state to Sacramento for additional emergency aid to combat the lightning sparked wildfire menace, with major epicenters surrounding San Francisco. Any number of maps show where those fires are raging but the one that gives the big picture is the plume map.
     FEMA-California, instead of allocating emergency funds to offset the challenge, instead announced it was offsetting the unemployment shortfall when CARES Act money ran out at the end of July: (2)

California approved for extra $300 in FEMA unemployment benefits

Californians on unemployment benefits eventually may receive an extra $300 per week under an agreement reached between the state and the federal government. The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced Friday that California has been approved for the Lost Wages Grant.

     Purely political in nature, since it is a mandate signed by the White House in its standoff with House Democrats over additional unemployment funding, the grant has robbed vital resources just when they are needed the most. The plan was immediately criticized by states that depend on the money for just such natural disasters, including floods, hurricanes and wildfires. Alex Daugherty and Michael Wilner reported last week in the Miami Herald just such a disaster scenario; 

      "But if a major storm bears down on Florida in the coming weeks, Trump’s executive order would potentially divert funds from the recovery effort. Ahead of Hurricane Irma in 2017, Congress scrambled to pass a relief bill because FEMA was scheduled to run out of disaster relief money two days before the storm’s projected landfall date. Irma made landfall two weeks after Hurricane Harvey caused billions of dollars in damage in Texas and two weeks before Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico." (3)

     Currently, the National Hurricane Center in Miami reports two tropical storms approaching the Gulf of Mexico and the mainland; (4)

Tropical storm watch issued for Florida Keys as Laura and Marco march toward the Gulf of Mexico

Tropical Storm Laura and Tropical Storm Marco are both expected to strengthen into hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. Based on the forecast track at the 5 p.m. Saturday advisory, each storm would be making landfall as a hurricane in the vicinity of New Orleans, with Marco landing Monday afternoon, and Laura about 48 hours later.

Illustrating the extent of the wildfires in California are the no-fly zones posted at Sky Vector, where the major areas are in close proximity to San Francisco. The Santa Cruz menace is clearly reflected in at least one bulletin from the FAA: 


     Congress is in an emergency session to "re-fund" the USPS even though its director, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy  insists the money isn't necessary, reported by Yuval Rosenberg in the Fiscal Times
      "As we head into the election season, I want to assure this committee and the American public that the Postal Service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation’s election mail securely and on time," ( 6)
The legality of transferring the money out of FEMA into state unemployment benefits was recently criticized by a former DHS  chief of staff in a Noah Bierman, Eli Stokols article published in the LA Times last week. (7) The president said he "never heard of him" and called Miles Taylor a "lowlife." (8) It's becoming clear that the president did indeed need the money to fund his political agenda at the expense of California wildfire relief. To be fair, Taylor didn't help out his own credibility by signing on with the opposition in a surprise attack ad provoking the harsh language from the president. 
     With two major storms bearing down on the southern states and a smoke plume 5 times the size of Texas hovering over the nation, it makes no sense that politicians are gridlocked on funding workers on the dole who are perfectly eligible to return to work and a postal system well qualified to handle an influx of votes, which is still several months down the road. In the former case, the amount being spent will hardly make the return worth it, as it isn't enough and cannot substitute for a long term solution.  Immediate danger for some reason always places those in command into a position of gridlock mentally.


 **Relief: Trump issues Presidential Disaster Declaration for California,


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#PANDEMIC PTSD-- Dr. Fauci's Psychoanalysis--A HOT LZ

     "...forced to wear facial protective covering as indicative of triggering the traumatic Zero Dark Thirty moment..."

     Incline Village, Nev. (EOC)--Dr. Fauci, in some capacity the point "medico," (a term not included in the Associated Press 2020-22 Stylebook, 55th Edition) for response to the coronavirus emergency, has encouraged throughout the pandemic not to "despair." (1) The immunologist is confident the population will survive. From the outset, Dr. Fauci has juggled charts and graphs, while waving his hands illustrating surge versus mitigation, from the podium at the White House press briefings, but that certainly doesn't make him a mathematician. Any more than using words like "do not despair" qualifies him as a psychologist. The world needs no more patriarchal reassurances from those who lack the qualifications to give guidance.

     Next, there is the so-called "Bin Laden assassin," the hero Navy SEAL who has been claiming credit for liquidating the Al Qaeda arch-villain during a raid a long time ago when Obama was still president. Recently, he found himself standing tall in front of the Admiral for spouting off on social media that wearing a mask is something only done by (term omitted due to its derogatory nature). In addition, the ex-sniper just found himself under  the Uniform Code of Military Justice Article 86, AWOL, or is that just plain 86-ed, from flying on the airline where he made an (term omitted) out of himself in front of the American public he has sworn to protect and defend. (2) 
     Dr. Fauci, in his new role as psychoanalyst, might detect a certain hidden guilt complex in the SEAL lingering from the "Zero Dark-Thirty" raid that's left an indelible mark on the sailor after all these years. It's known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, and was first diagnosed in soldiers during the Vietnam War era. The online source for the American Psychiatric Association describes PTSD as;
     "a psychiatric disorder that may occur in people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event such as a natural disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war/combat, or rape or who have been threatened with death, sexual violence or serious injury." (3)
Of course it had other names in other wars, but it's the same symptoms, by definition. There is no telling if the Bin Laden raid was the only true near-death encounter the sailor had  but it would be the one that would generally fit the category of a PTSD related experience. 
     In an even more recent episode of yet another soldier who appears to misunderstand his role in being a defender of the American people, Turning Point USA spokesperson Rob Smith reacted to Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti's decision to cut the power on the Hollywood Hills covid-spreading party house, after fair warning;

Los Angeles mayor cuts power to Hollywood part house amid coronavirus pandemic

Turning Point USA spokesperson Rob Smith calls action 'authoritarian' and cites Democratic control as the reason for people moving out of cities.

Author of "Always a Soldier," Rob Smith, in an interview on Fox News on Friday said;

     "Well not only do they want to control the spread of covid, but they want to control every aspect of your life." 
It is unclear in this quote just who "they" are, which is the usual convenient cop-out for fear-mongering and anti-authority rhetoric, he didn't come out of the closet and finger the mayor as responsible. Whether it's just plain standard party propaganda from Turning Point USA or bona fide paranoia on soldier Rob Smith's part, is uncertain. If the latter is true, Dr. Fauci might consider this another case of wartime induced PTSD.
      Smith went on to call out the Democrats as "authoritarian" and responsible for "controlling most of our major cities." Again, controlling what is unclear unless it infers controlling the spread of the killer virus. Turning Point USA characterizes itself as a "Student Movement for Freedom." (4)  Any number of online references show that Smith is a decorated war hero but it is ambiguous as to whether he is currently enrolled in college. Smith's  background at Turning Point only shows an Army Commendation Medal and the Combat Infantry Badge, which calls into question his status as highly decorated. (5) This may be another case for Dr. Fauci's expertise in the field of psychoanalysis. Of course, in the case of Smith, there was also the Gulf War Syndrome, but the symptoms are more physiological. (6) Still, there is lingering doubt as to Smith, as in the case of the Navy SEAL above, of his apparent self- infatuation, possibly brought on by being a spokesperson or person of interest in today's social media driven culture. At the Mayo Clinic website, several symptoms of PTSD are given; 
      "...distressing memories of the traumatic event, severe emotional distress or physical reactions to something that reminds you of the traumatic event, avoiding places, activities or people that remind you of the traumatic event, negative thoughts about yourself, other people or the world." (7)
These are but a few that might indicate the behavior of the sailor on that Delta flight but for a closer look, The New Yorker published a standup after action report following the Bin Laden raid in 2011; 

      "That night, he wore a shirt and trousers in Desert Digital Camouflage, and carried a silenced Sig Sauer P226 pistol, along with extra ammunition; a CamelBak, for hydration; and gel shots, for endurance. He held a short-barrel, silenced M4 rifle. (Others seals had chosen the Heckler & Koch MP7.) A “blowout kit,” for treating field trauma, was tucked into the small of James’s back... He wore a noise-cancelling headset, which blocked out nearly everything besides his heartbeat." (8)
The story, written by Nicholas Schmidle, also notes the team wore night-vision goggles. If Dr, Fauci were to psychoanalyze the sailor who lost it on the Delta flight, he might discover the similarity to being in the confined space of the aircraft resembling the Chinook helicopter, with a veteran in a USMC baseball cap snoozing nearby and forced to wear facial protective covering as indicative of triggering the traumatic Zero Dark Thirty moment. There has been no report if the SEAL was under medication at the time or had too many drinks on the plane that caused him to go on his twitter rage. 
    Two cases alone do not signal a red flare in a hot LZ in the case of combat veterans somehow having trouble coping with covid. Normally soldiers back from the bush in-country dive for cover when a car backfires on a busy boulevard. But then again, with the pandemic possibly still in its incubating stages, the world may be a long way from getting back to "normal."

"Medico," M*A*S*H, "Major Ego," season 7, episode 9, (1978)
Bin Laden compound photoillustration  by John Ritter from the New Yorker story.


Sunday, August 16, 2020

#PANDEMIC PRATTLE-- Coin Shortage Scandal--EOC/2020 EXCLUSIVE

    Italy, 1975:  "...shopkeeper surreptitiously showed the shopper the cash drawer devoid of coins..." 


     Incline Village (EOC) -- Yet another unique variable of the virus sweeping the nation is the overnight disappearance of small change, a convenience, and an inconvenience, taken for granted just six months ago. Now it's become a mild nightmare. Stores are refusing to allow cash purchases and in reverse, are now limiting cash back on purchases. Media reports any number of reasons for the pocket change shortfall and the immediate report is that the Mint has cut back on production. (1) 

     The story seems to have no legs there unless a closer look at previous coin shortages offers alternative explanations, and room for the conspiracy trolls on social media to send up a red flare. 
Even before  the Civil War, valuable metals in short supply created demand for the "shinplaster," a paper substitute of small denomination that many at the time considered worthless. (2) The problem carried over into the War Between the States. The scarcity of metal prevailed during World War I as reported in the Miami Herald at the time;
     "There is a great scarcity of copper coin in France, and it is more than suspected that much of this cupriferous commodity has found its way to Germany, where it is used in the manufacture of munitions of war." (3)
A coin shortage in Egypt in October, 1941 resulted in the arrest of "several speculators, chiefly small-time money changers" for selling coins higher than their face value. (4) A similar situation arose about that same time in Cuba that was offset by using cellophane wrapped stamps. (5)

     One year after Pearl Harbor, it wasn't foreign governments out to cause a small change panic, but the Treasury indirectly blamed the nation's kids for a conspiracy to loot the coins from circulation, as reported in the Pennsylvania Republican and Herald;
     "Washington, Dec. 7 (UP) --The Treasury wants 30,000,000 school children to smash their piggy banks today and put their pennies and nickels back into circulation. The Treasury has sent letters to state, county and city school superintendents urging them to organize 'coin round-ups' to help meet the shortage of small change." (6)
From the archives, it appears a shortage of copper, nickel and silver, along with hoarding, persisted throughout World War II. The most serious numismatic shortfall occurred in the early Sixties. The rise of the vending machine was partly to blame as coins, once deposited for sodas and candy bars, would remain out of circulation for weeks until collected (7)
     In 1975, a strike at the Canadian mint in Ottawa placed that nation at a severe coin shortage, also related to money being used for "vending machines, parking meters, pay telephones and cookie jars." (8) That same year, some had seriously considered that precious metal shortages in relation to minted small change might be related to a conspiracy  in Italy. 

    Victor Simpson reporting for the Associated Press in The Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader in 1975 reported with a dateline out of Rome that the coin shortage there was related to other than basic economics; 
      "One newspaper suggested the coin shortage was a plot by a subversive group trying to make citizens lose faith in the ability of their government to run the country." (9)
Other stories blamed it on Japanese watch makers needing the raw materials for watchmaking. In a rather startling expose of just how far the coin shortage led to extremes in Italy back then, Ray Jones, a Pennsylvania Sentinel correspondent, had this to say about how shopkeepers handled the crisis;

     "The shopper, of course, always needs a few extra coins in case he needs bus money home...The storekeeper, in turn, always wants a few extra coins to make change on large purchases or for regular customers. The duplicity which results is an interesting, if slightly tragic commentary on human behavior...The average storekeeper has two cash drawers, one (usually devoid of coins) for public display and one with a coin 'reserve' . " (10)
Jones explains further that the shopper had to show his wallet to indicate he had no coins and the shopkeeper surreptitiously showed the shopper the cash drawer devoid of coins. 

    The coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented situations and challenges for the world in 2020, one of which is the ongoing coin shortage. Current theories are in line to a certain degree with historical similar shortages. Current coin compositions can be found at the US Mint website. (11) Most contain copper and nickel with a balance of zinc and manganese; the nickel itself is 25 percent "Ni."  A world nickel shortage since 2019, as reported by Reuters, indicates the high-demand for the chemical element and a vital  component in manufacture of electric vehicles. An article in June by Tim Treadgold in Forbes points the finger, yet again, at China, for a "hidden stockpiling" of the commodity, (13) Certainly, with the help of a few reports as this and some serious investigating query by social media conspiracy hawks, it wouldn't take much to discover the true reason for the coin shortage. And don't forget to include General Motors and Elon Musk in those theories.


"prattle" /'pradl/ -- talk at length in a foolish or inconsequential way

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"I'M ALRIGHT"-- Shires Rule, Screenplay Peek--(C) 2020 JC L'ANGELLE

I'm Alright, screenplay by JC L'Angelle, (c) 2020   WGA Reg #  7752337287


INT. Living room.  Summer, 1965

GOTCH is plunking a few notes on his bass guitar and watching a news report on the television TV: Washoe County District Attorney RAGGIO is holding a press conference concerning recent activity and fields questions from local reporters. KOLO TV ANCHORMAN BOB gets the call 

Now I’ll take questions, yes, Bob, from KOLO TV. 

Yes, Mr. Raggio. In a recent Nevada State Journal newspaper article, your district attorney’s office said it will begin a crackdown up at Lake Tahoe’s Hidden Beach on what you described as “sex and liquor” parties that have been going on there. Do you have a follow up on that? 

Yes Bob. As you well know, there have been numerous reports of  kids holding wild parties on the weekends that can only fall into the category of juvenile delinquency. The district attorney’s office, in coordination with the Washoe County Sheriff’s office, is keeping a close eye on the activity and expect some radical improvement in the situation soon. 

 GOTCH plunks away on his bass guitar as the TV goes to a commercial. Outside, a car with a loud engine pulls up and a horn is honked. GOTCH gets up, puts his bass away and grabs a black sweatshirt with an eagle logo on it and the name of his club, the “Shires”. 

     EXT. OLLIE, also wearing a black Shires sweatshirt, stands at the trunk of the ‘57 Studebaker blue Silver Hawk he’s driving. GOTCH joins him in the driveway. 

Did you get it? 

Sure did. 

OLLIE pops the trunk of the Studebaker and inside is a 16-gallon keg of beer buried in ice. GOTCH Let’s do it. They hop into the Studebaker and OLLIE guns the 427 HP motor, soon racing off down the street. 

     EXT. LAKE TAHOE, HIDDEN BEACH; daytime, sunny, hot. On State Route 28 above the beach are a number of cars parked along the side of the road, including KIM’S GTO. A crowd of young girls and guys all hang around, the guys all wearing black Shires sweatshirts. With the crowd is WALT, PAT and JIM. As they gather up beach items, they hear the rumble of OLLIE’S 427 motor and OLLIE honks his horn as he pulls up with GOTCH. A cheer comes out of the crowd and soon, OLLIE and GOTCH have the keg of beer in hand and are carrying it down a narrow, winding path toward the beach. Suddenly, GOTCH loses his footing and drops the keg, OLLIE lets go and the keg rolls down the remaining distance to the lake and into the water. KEVIN, with NANCY, rushes down and picks up the keg out of the water, sets it on the sand as the rest of the crowd arrives, laughing and carrying on. 

Well, the keg ought to be all foam after that. Where’s the spigot? OLLIE looks at GOTCH

Uh, I guess we forgot to bring one. 
I got a siphon hose in the car. 

WALT races back up the embankment to the Impala, soon reappears with the gas siphon hose. KEVIN takes the hose, shoves it into the keg and immediately the nearby crowd is soaked in a fountain of beer foam. Everybody grabs plastic cups and frantically fill the cups with foam while others jump into the lake to wash the beer off. LATER ON, as the foam settles to beer and the Shires are having a beach party, the Uncalled 4 have guitars and are working on some new songs. ANGEL, KIPPY, CHELSEA and other girls are hanging around listening and drinking. Unnoticed to all up on the road, the sheriff’s department has arrived and about to bust what RAGGIO calls the wild “sex and liquor” party.

So what are we waiting for? 

Briscoe, the Reno Police Chief, wants in on the raid. Orders from the DA’s office. 

Soon, Police Chief BRISCOE arrives and has with him a few Reno police. BRISCOE gets out of car, walks over to SHERIFF#1 

Hello Chief. Glad you could make it. That group called the Shires is down there right now.
Well, the lake is out of my jurisdiction so the bust will be in your hands. We’re just here to give an update to the district attorney. SHERIFFS and COPS gather around and make their way down the embankment where the Shires are holding the keg party. 

     EXT Hidden Beach. OLLIE spots the cops coming down the hill 

OLLIE (hollering) 
Hey man, the cops are coming down the hill. Somebody stash the keg!! KEVIN grabs the keg along with a couple other Shires but it’s too late, they are surrounded by cops. 

OK everybody, the party’s over for the day. Now I want to see everybody’s IDs. BRISCOE is closely looking over the crowd when he spots NANCY  

Nancy, what are you doing here?? 

NANCY sheepishly steps forward. 

Well, uh, DAD!! MY friends and me were just up here for the day and uh… 

BRISCOE spots KEVIN standing by the keg. 

Kevin, I thought you had better sense than this. 

I’m sorry, Chief Briscoe. The Shires were having a beach party today and it’s my fault. I asked Nancy to come up. NANCY walks over and joins KEVIN 

It’s not Kevin’s fault, Dad. I came up because all my friends from Reno High are here.

Well, the party’s over and you’ll all just have to go home. And I don’t want to see anybody on the road who’s been drinking. 

BRISCOE takes  SHERIFF #1 aside and they discuss the situation quietly. Soon, SHERIFF #1 signals his deputies to fall back up the hill. BRISCOE walks over to NANCY. 

Nancy, you could get me in a lot of trouble for this, but I’ve talked the Sheriff into letting it go for the day. You people can have your party but Kevin, I want you to stash the keg in the bushes and no driving while under the influence coming back over Mount Rose highway. Understood? 

Yes sir, Mr. Briscoe. 

OLLIE and KEVIN grab the keg and haul it over to some nearby bushes. NANCY goes over and kisses BRISCOE on the cheek 

Thanks Dad, we’ll behave. 

The Shires let out a cheer and loud applause as BRISCOE returns to the road and drives away with the rest of the cops.

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Bulletin of the Mutual Admiration Society--


The Majorette,   (c) 2020 JC L'Angelle @ EOC

They crowd the street behind a barricade, to watch the band in the passing parade;
up front is the one they won't forget, leading the band is the majorette.

Old men have escaped from geriatric wards, hope to take her away in their model-T Fords;
The kids with their moms have been waiting since dawn, to watch the cadet spin her baton.

She follows behind the color guard, as they march up the boulevard;
Lined up like so many dominos, the band passes in perfect rows.

Her uniform made of braids and lace, at the front of the band she sets the pace; The percussion section is all thumbs, as she marches to the beat of their drums.

Sitting up high in the review stand, the mayor's friends all cheer the band; as a reporter from the Gazette, takes cellphone pics of the majorette.

A bugler with a mask that's worn, makes impossible for him to blow his horn; a bum in an alley sleeping in trash, jumps to his feet when the cymbals crash!

just who is this pretty cadet, this precision girl, this majorette; who spins and twirls the baton in her hand, choreographing the marching band.

She's what every young lady wants to be, in front of the band where all can see; The band follows wherever she goes, from the football games to the rodeos.

The band is in order by rank and file, in close order drill military style; Playing every song in the alphabet following orders of the majorette.

Where would we be if there were no parades, full of bands and motorcades; no balloons, confetti or glitzy floats, no politicians with anecdotes.

The street would be one long delivery truck, the alleys full of bums down on their luck;
and the hospitals full of old war vets; if there were no parades or cadets.

Let's hope we'll never be afraid, of seeing the last of the parade; and the one up front we'll never forget, the baton spinning majorette.

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This Just in from the Institute of Flattery........

Coughing on the Produce in the Grocery Store, (c) 2020 JCL@EOC

We've seen him in the store acting like a jerk
Being recorded on a cellphone by the grocery clerk,
Calling people names and waving his fists
In front of little kids and retired tourists. 
He comes in all shapes and sizes and is the one the average shopper despises. It's easy enough to spot him in the crowd, he doesn't wear a mask and cusses real loud; calling everyone sissies and wimps, or cowards, clowns or communist symps.

The celery and lettuce laying on the rack
Become the targets of a sneak attack
from the disgruntled psycho not wearing a mask
out to execute a disgusting task, it isn't enough for this guy with a screw loose, he has to cough on the produce.

A long time ago maybe just last year
no one had anything to fear
in supermarkets or walmarts
where kids were riding in the shopping carts
but now they've all become war zones
where crazies are filmed on cellphones
with behavior totally uncalled for
coughing on the produce in the grocery store.

what kind of epileptic fit
does a person have to have to make him spit
on the salad bar in the delicatessen
just to teach the world some lesson.
someone like that who is off their rocker
needs to be hung up in the meat locker
maybe he won't be so anxious to sneeze if he's left in there to freeze. 

If they gave a convention and nobody came--- (c) 2020, JCL@EOC

Now that the candidate has made his choice, for the running mate with the loudest voice
its off and running to the convention floor, to hear the candidates holler some more. 
do we ever get tired of the same old spin, by the person @ the podium out to win
standing there with his running mate, who looks more like an internet date
than someone second in command, instead of just another stagehand.

if they gave a convention and nobody came
is it safe to say the world will ever be the same
considering it would just be one more crowd
with a running mate who talks too loud
and a candidate from a geriatric ward
who's first car was a model-T Ford.
the world might not go on at all
if nobody filled the convention hall

if the press got word the commander in chief, would give a speech and it would be brief
while standing outside on the white house lawn, would they all hope he would soon be gone 
after showing them a chart full of calculus, & announcing an emergency stimulus
with a plan that wouldn't fool sigmund freud. and certainly not the unemployed
 met with total nonchalance, he'd hope for a much better response.

meanwhile the challenger and his internet date. were at the convention to mandate
everyone wear surgical gear, as the delegates all raised a cheer
and threw confetti in the air, even though they hadn't a prayer
to win the vote on election day, but that didn't scare anyone away
and began to nominate, the challenger and his internet date.
The speaker of the house made a few comments, and AOC gave her arguments
at the end of the night the vote was done, it meant the real work had just begun.

what if they gave a convention and nobody came
would the candidate get nominated just the same?
and what about  his sidekick conventionette,
the cellphone date from the internet?
is she too ashamed to be seen with
a guy who's old enough to be a myth?
will he even make it till the votes are done
will he ever live long enough to see who won?
They say that politics is the only game
in town but it just wouldn't be the same
if they gave a convention and nobody came.

Flattery will get you a spot on the ticket

I'm running for office as the Vice President
Believe what I said and not what I meant
on election day down at the polls
I'll be the one driving up in the Rolls
Royce while everyone in Subarus
get to choose
the candidate of their choice, 
the one with the loudest voice. 

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If I were a Billionaire, (c) 2020, JCL @EOC

I tell everybody what to do in a pandemic
Just because I have a fortune makes me an expert
and a couple of million followers on twitter
means I don't need a degree in medicine
because I have a degree in baloney

I take back all the things I said, that was a privilege we all had before it was revoked by reformers forcing everyone to be polite. that doesn't apply to politicians. they never take back anything they say and repeat it the first chance they get. 

It's Suicide waiting for a Stimulus Check, (c) , 2020, jcl @ EOC

if we all depended on the government
for food on the table or to pay the rent
by doing us a favor with a stimulus check
by the end of the day we'd be a mental wreck

and go rob the nearest gun shop and hope to die or be shot by a cop
as we wait forever while on Capitol Hill they can't pass a simple stimulus bill

the speaker of the house pounded on her gavel and said it was time they should all travel
while the rest of the people waited in suspense to get their meagre dollars and cents.

now everyone will have to wait until after labor day and hope they don't kill themselves before they see their pay, as congress has to finally decide and save the nation from suicide.

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